Bitcoin halving - don't fall for it!

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So I might be wrong. I might be very wrong. But my opinion of the bitcoin halving - don't fall for it!

We\'ve seen massive volumes in the last few weeks, but due to coronavirus bitcoin crashed like crazy. So is it not more likely that volumes are due to this, and not the imminent halving? Yes there was​ serious profits to be taken if  ​you got in at the low ​​​​​, but if you didn't then that boat has sailed. Don't be tempted to purchase bitcoin off the back off all the press out there about the halving.

What makes me even more suspicious is that all the press reads "bitcoin did this and this in relation to previous halvings". If something is so certain, do you not think it's very likely that people will use this "guarantee" as an opportunity to get one over on the market?

Also, consider coronavirus. Consider millions of people that have their incomes cut. Consider the economical impact of this on the global economy. Consider how close we might be to realising the biggest economical decline in history.

In my opinion (its jus my opinion, DYOR!) now is not the time to be pouring money into BTC.

Let's see how this pans out... 

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