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Every Body spends about a third of their life asleep. For this it is important to choose the right sleepwear. The big feet Pajamas have long been one of the most popular household items. The variety of fabrics from which these night suits are sewn is amazing. However, flannel pajamas have been and remain at the top of the preference of men, women and children around the world.

Features of the fabric

Flannel is considered to be an excellent material for sewing clothes for the home. Warm and dense, it creates incomparable comfort from the first seconds. This type of cotton fabric is characterized by the presence of a soft double-sided or even one-sided fleece, which makes it very pleasant to the touch.

The advantages of flannel are eloquently indicated by the fact that diapers for newborns are made from it. This can guarantee the safety and maximum convenience of flannel products. Among other things, this material does an excellent job of retaining heat. Flannel pajamas are essential on cold winter nights.

Flannel comes in various types. The most common of them are bleached, one-colored and printed. Regardless of what type of flannel pajamas are made from, it is important to remember that with prolonged wear, it can start to roll. Regular washing on a gentle cycle will help to cope with this problem. However, due to its dense structure, flannel dries for a long time.

Types of pajamas

Flannel allows designers to freely experiment with the style and configuration of pajamas, so even the most fastidious lover can easily lie on the couch or soak in bed for a longer time to choose the best option for sleeping.

Flannel pajamas can be either separate or one-piece. In the first case, options are available with both long sleeping pants and pants shortened like breeches or even shorts. One-piece pajamas and onesies are suitable for those who sleep quite restlessly. In the case of a set of pants and a blouse for sleeping, the top of the pajamas can bulge up, exposing the belly, but with a jumpsuit this cannot happen by definition.
The most common pants are flannel pajamas. In this case, the top can be realized in the form of a shirt with buttons or a comfortable one-piece top with long sleeves. Pants are usually sewn with a belt that does not interfere with sleep and does not hinder movement, or an elastic band that should not be too tight.

Full body pajamas can be either a piece work of art or designed for a whole group. Recently, the so-called family pajamas sets are gaining popularity, in which mom, dad and children look like a flock of cute animals or a superhero squad.

Attractive Colors

Being a versatile material for sewing home clothes, flannel gladly responds to any color scheme, applique and prints. Classic variations on the theme of checks, stripes and other geometric patterns are always in demand. But you can often find the most daring colors and patterns: snowflakes, hearts, fruits and zodiac signs.

Composite sets of pajamas from pants and top, as a rule, tend to gravitate more towards a monochrome design in pastel colors, but animal prints and abstract shapes look no less advantageous.
Full body pajamas allow much more liberties and a flight of imagination - here and stylization under the costume of various animals (it turns out that in the home analogue of a life size puppet he sleeps very sweetly), and all kinds of funny inscriptions in different languages, and other finds that recall that children's matinee then a high fashion show.
In any case, given that pajamas are the most homely type of clothing, the choice of pattern on it should be approached the same way as when buying wallpaper: you and your loved ones should like the color and pattern and fit into the interior of the house.

How to choose?

Flannel pajamas are not only sleepwear, many pajamas connoisseurs wear them both in the morning and in the evening. High-quality fabric allows pajamas to withstand continuous use and not lose color and shape.

The level of warmth of the pajamas should be chosen based on how quickly you start to freeze. There is nothing more pleasant on winter evenings than wrapping up after a bath in your favorite flannel pajamas, which gently envelop your steamed body, keeping your skin warm for a long time. Many people prefer to have several flannel pajamas for different seasons - shorts and a light top for the summer and a warm set for the cold.
When choosing pajamas, you need to pay attention to the high-quality processing of all seams, because the better this work is done, the less annoying factors will distract you while you sleep.
The combination of a rich dark shade of pajamas and white lines of different densities forms a complex geometric pattern. The loose pants are trimmed with a thin lace strip, and the collar of the top follows the contours of a classic office shirt, making these pajamas an alternative to office uniform from home.

The relaxed cut of this men’s flannel pajamas is lined with equal-sized black stripes. The peculiarities of the color design of each of the resulting elements evoke associations with the windows of a high-rise residential building, in which the lights have already been turned on and the curtains have been drawn. A cozy, homely look for a leisurely end to the day.

Pajamas for a girl, tailored in the image of a kimono, painted in motives of the starry sky. The loose fit of the bottom allows you to feel cozy in your pajamas, and the provocative V-neckline in the neckline hints at the fact that the top can be unbuttoned in just one movement.

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