Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Statista has analyzed that 33.4% of the total traffic share originates from mobile devices. It is swiftly escalating as well. The utmost important thing you should embrace while growing the viewership of your site is to make it mobile-optimized. This convenient strategy for mobile marketing is, in essence, stretchable. It also values your visitors to proffer them with an optimized experience of browsing. We will show up some incredible mobile responsive plugins that make your website mobile responsive.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

It is a piece of software that can add some additional and incredible attributes to your website. Being open-source, WordPress elicits several plugins.

Technically, they are written in the language of PHP programming. Thus, you can effortlessly install them from your WordPress sites' administration panel. 


It is a frivolous WordPress plugin. It lets the users formulate a mobile-friendly site without much of a stretch. It has several customization settings that can help you in making your website much more responsive and user-friendly. Also, the plugin has a well-designed theme that can assist you in commencing.

WPtouch exhibits your site’s mobile-improvised version involuntarily to your visitors when they go through your site utilizing a mobile. This implies that you can have two versions of your site and they are always prepared to go.

This WordPress responsive plugin promotes a spontaneous user-interface that helps the users to use it with or without technical skills. New users to WordPress consider WPtouch a well-coded solution as they get the finest user experience.

WPtouch has embraced immense fame among webmasters as it imparts the Google Mobile test. The free version is very convenient to control. You can embrace the pro version desiring to attain things further for more sophisticated functionality. 

Users can elicit advertising to the mobile version of their site with the help of the premium version. Through clicks, it can escalate revenue effectively. 

They can also establish a perfect website in a moment as the premium version includes mobile-optimized and niche-specific themes.

With eliciting amazing features, this plugin gets developers’ support via the WordPress forums.


This WordPress mobile friendly plugin consists of twenty-four modules. With these modules, you can modify your WordPress website effortlessly. With JetPack, the formulation of the mobile-responsive website becomes very easy without your engagement in the coding complexities.

It offers various fully configurable features consisting of a photo gallery, grammar suggestions, CSS editor, and many more. 

WP Mobile Detector-

It includes the biggest capabilities of conversion. Besides, the plugin is completely different from other modules that improve your website's compatibility with some restricted mobile devices. Additionally, it will enable the conversion of your website to more than five thousand devices smoothly. 

Besides, WP Mobile Detector also eliminates technical obstacles such as web resolution, screen size, and so on. Besides, it also converts your website in such a way so that it can work on almost all devices. 

This plugin has some incredible attributes such as mobile statistics, pre-installed mobile themes, automatic image resizing, etc.

Wapple Architect-

Another flexible mobile WordPress plugin is the Wapple Architect. In a fraction of a second, your website becomes mobile-responsive with this plugin. Your website becomes compatible with mobile devices mostly, which is the greatest benefit of Wapple Architect. 

It improves your website’s usability radically as it harnesses robust features. Its advanced features are mobile advertising integration, advanced pagination, mobile-friendly navigation, as well as dynamic image resizing.


If you want a simple plugin, then MobilePress is the key for you. This straightforward WordPress Plugin ensures you for the creation of your website's mobile version that includes minimal coding. 

box Mobile-

You need to opt for OBox Mobile if you want to make your website look attractive on mobile devices. It can succor you in making a compatible WordPress site with all mobile devices, irrespective of their operating system. It does hold ample effort for establishing the configuration, which makes it stand out-of-the-box. Additionally, it includes some eye-catching color schemes, adverts, pre-included buttons for social media, sliders, and so on.


The utilization of mobile devices is scaling up almost daily. Thus, the above-mentioned plugins can be a significant option for you to formulate a mobile-responsive website. You need to try them out for witnessing which is the best-costumed for your prerequisites. Furthermore, you can opt for our WordPress web development services as well to make your website mobile responsive proficiently. Call us today to know more about our offerings and pricing! 

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