Best Tab Management Extensions on Chrome

Are you a Chrome user? Of course, you’re, even if you’re not, you might have tried it once.
Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers among users. Chrome it’s getting better every year. Using Chrome is super easy and time-saving. The browser has several tab management extensions that can be used for convenience. Although too many tabs can give sluggish experience if the system has less than 8GB RAM. Apart from that, I think it’s a great browser to work on, let’s find out about the best

First, about the tab manager ‘TooManyTabs.’ Apart from giving the advantage of doing different work without getting juggled, it provides the preview of all the tabs in the toolbar, which makes our job even more convenient. One can easily select the actual tab we need to go on by looking at the previews. Plus it comes with the search bar.

OneTab Extension
Does it ever happen to you that you’re reading or doing something important on the internet, and the system accidentally turns off, or maybe your cat just clicked something and you lost it, “Ouch!”. Thankfully, Chrome’s ‘OneTab extension’ solves that problem. It provides the option of saving the tabs so that they can quickly restore. That also frees up the memory so you can have smooth working experience. One can also specify options to include or exclude particular tabs.

Great Suspender
Are you lazy and don’t often clear up the memory till it isn’t full? If that sounds like you, well, Great Suspender is the savior. It provides the feature where you can set up the time, say 20 seconds to 3 days, after which the tabs will automatically get suspended, thus freeing up the memory occupied by those tabs. Although it also has the option to suspend manually.

Tab Snooze
The next tab manager is ‘Tab Snooze.’ And trust me, you’re going to love it. So it has this option to snooze the tab so that it will get temporarily shut and reopen according to the set time.
Now the question is, how can we do that, that must be tricky if someone is new to it, not at all. From any tab, click the ‘moon’ icon and set the desired time, and it’s done, yes! It’s that simple.

Session Buddy
‘Session Buddy,’ as the name suggests, is our real virtual buddy. It saves all tabs in it and reopens all the windows later. One can save their entire Chrome session and recover it as required.

Chrome provides a new managing tab, ‘Tobby.’ It creates collections of tabs so that it can be opened later in just a click. It basically forms the collection of the tabs and saves them as a cluster, and the user can easily access them within a fraction of seconds. A Tobby user can have all his/her favorite articles or websites by just one click.

Our next task manager is ‘Tabli’, a weird name with great usefulness. Tabli is that organized friend in our group who keeps everything sorted. One can use different tabs in different windows, and the extension will organize them accordingly. It shows all the listings of the tabs in different window folders group wise. Users can directly open the tab by clicking on it. It also saves the tabs in the same window as bookmarks, in case the user needs them later.

If the user is looking for a Chrome smooth and primary task manager, Chrome has its “Fruumo’. It is light in memory and super easy to use. It shows the number of tags that are opened in the window. It also gives its user the option to search the topics of history in the search bar, and I loved the feature.

So here are some task managers by Google Chrome we talked about. I hope that was informative and helps you to choose yours, or just try them all and find out what is best for you.

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