Best ELD Devices for Owner-Operators

ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. it's Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated electronic hardware that connects to a vehicle’s engine to record driving hours. It includes a screen for the driving force , in order that they can monitor their current status and print hour logs when required by DOT inspectors.

How do ELDs work?
ELDs communicate with a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to receive detailed engine status also as provide accurate, near real-time GPS location information to a logging device or app that DOT officials can check when needed.
For an ELD to be wont to record Hours of Service (HOS), it must be DOT-certified. The ELD mandate requires all commercial vehicles to possess an ELD device fitted to exchange the previous paper logbook systems.
Who must use an ELD?
Anybody who was previously required to file a Record of Duty Status (RODs) should be using an ELD:Truck drivers who operate within the us
CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) drivers

This can give drivers peace of mind when arriving at a DOT roadside inspection and may get them in and out quickly—without the potential risk of a fine. which will help reduce violation costs and economize .By bundling an ELD with a totally featured GPS fleet tracking solution, you get additional benefits like automated IFTA reporting, DVIR functionality and far more.

If you go through the list of FMCSA approved devices, you will find hundreds of solutions. However, based on the market study, customer satisfaction rating, ease of use, features, adaptability, and cost efficiency, Matrack ELDproves to be the Best ELD Devices out there. With GPS-enabled real-time tracking, Geofencing, aggressive tracking mode and many other features, Matrack ELD comes with a minimal monthly subscription and no device cost.
Here are the 5 top ELD devices:
  1. Matrack ELD – Best Overall ELD
  2. GPS Trackit ELD – Easy Installation
  3. Gorilla Safety ELD – Document management 
  4. EROAD Ehubo ELD– enhanced driving behavior
  5. Drive ELD – Best for basics
What Are My Options with KeepTruckin?
You have two main ways to urge started with KeepTruckin; you'll either pair your ELD device to your iOS, or to your Android device via USB or using Bluetooth. Once the 2 are paired, the driving time are going to be automatically recorded in real-time, in accordance with the ELD mandate requirements.

As you'll know, you'll need far more than simply a reliable ELD Devices For Owner Operator to satisfy the wants . As such, you ought to consider buying from providers who are offering the entire package. The Keep Truckin ELD solution comes with support and instructional videos. It shows you ways to use the device and keeping you up so far with regulations.
With every purchase of the merchandise , you'll also get 6-pin and 9-pin cables, ELD hardware device, instructional manual, and a DOT reference card.

The benefits of ELDs
By using telematics technology tied to a vehicle and following regulations, drivers can reduce three of the highest five finable areas:
Not having driver logs, or having out-of-date logs
Driving hours over the daily allowance
Log errors

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