Be home for your estimate or pay the price

When getting a painting estimate or an estimate for work around your home 
for that matter it is important to be able to let the estimator know what you
 expect when the project is done.

You may say why? Each job no matter who I use should be prepared, 
painted and done the same but that is further from the truth then you would know.

There is not a specific standard of work from company to company and
 most painting projects have very
 different levels of service for the same thing, for instance, spackling.

Preparation Of Surfaces

You can spackle a wall with many different levels of quality, from low to high 
and somewhere in the middle is typical, but if you think they are doing it to perfection and they 
are thinking the opposite, 
it doesn’t mean they did a bad job, it was a missed expectation not explained
 by the painter or asked for by the homeowner.

The same goes for exterior preparation work such as scraping peeling paint, under
 most circumstances work is done by preservation techniques, 
meaning loose paint is scrapped, 
some caulking may be done,
 usually bare wood is pot primed but then it is painted. If you're thinking the surface 
will be completely smooth you 
will be very upset with the final appearance. It will certainly how old levels of paint,
 uneven surfaces and more, without stripping the entire surface you
 will not get a level surface 
under a normal repaint project.


I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out for an estimate and the person 
who ultimately would be critiquing the work was not there,
 leaving it to another person to try
 to explain what they wanted to be done
 or no one at all was home. These projects go bad 9 out of ten times.

Comments like bad quality, not enough prep or scrapping are mentioned when 
in reality, it was a mixed expectation or an expectation 
that could never be met with a normal repaint.

So what to do? It’s simple be home, if you cannot be home at the least have
 a conversation with the estimator and create a detailed list, 
then its possible this can be matched 
up with the estimator's 
notes and work order. 

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