BAUME Ben series marine limited edition watch

BAUME, which was included in Baume & Mercier's banner in April this year, is aimed at young people. In addition to its outstanding appearance, it also implements the environmental protection concept in the production process: its case was salvaged from the ocean by the Belgian charity organization Waste Free Oceans Plastic waste is made of 20% glass fiber. The dark gray dial is very modern. Different levels and finishes enrich the design elements of the dial. The sea-blue aluminum inner rim contrasts strongly with the case. In addition, this watch
also uses Baume & Mercier's movement, which is guaranteed in quality.
At this price point, the popularity of the watch must be considered. However, when choosing well-known brands and styles, you can try to avoid unconventional popular models, and use special discs or special colors to distinguish them from other people's watches.

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