Baby Apparel Market Growth–Ensuring Nouveau Sartorial High Notes for Infants

The increased availability of disposable income, a growing pool of working women, a rapid rate of urbanization, a forecasted growth in population across the world, the proliferation of the eCommerce coupled with high internet penetration in tier 2 as well as tier 3 cities and also in rural areas are fundamental to the growth of the baby apparel market.

Knowledge source intelligence has forecasted the market to grow at a CAGR of 2.97% to attain a market size of US$267.730 billion in 2025 from the market value of US$224.595 billion that has been estimated for 2019.  
The growth of the market is also expected to reinforced by the Baby Care Packaging Market which due to constant investments in R&D, willingness to spend on premium baby care products with special focus on the type of materials that is used for packaging which are known to protect the products intended for infants from harmful contaminants as well as from the possibilities of being damaged during transport. 
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