Awesome Lighting Ideas For Small Kitchen

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For a contemporary small kitchen, finding the right lighting is never be a headache. Instead, there are several options to illuminate a small kitchen properly, while keeping the open-concept feel. Select the lights that do not take up too much room, such as flush mounts, recessed lighting, and semi-flush mount ceiling lights are some popular varieties for small kitchens. Another option is to use lighting in overlooked spaces, like under-cabinet lighting.
Modern kitchens have modern lighting options. You can contact an LED spot light supplier for small kitchen lightings. Led lights are a good option as they are easy to install and the brightness is high, so fewer number of led installations make small kitchen great lighting. To get some inspiration, let’s take a look at some fantastic lighting ideas for a small modern kitchen.

Under the cabinets lighting:

When space is at a premium, utilize the area in the kitchen that is often overlooked for lighting. A great way to add some task lighting to kitchen counters is undercabinet lighting. In this way, you do not need to sacrifice space on the ceiling or floor to light up a small kitchen.

Shine the lights in every corner:

In a small kitchen, the secret to adequate lighting is to make the most of the kitchen area that you have. A small track lighting strip with adjustable heads above the kitchen. This direct a lot more illumination around the space than a single pendant.

Semi-flush mounts ceiling:

Creative lighting solutions allow you to light the entire kitchen properly, even without covering too much space. Due to the size, semi-flush mounts ceiling lights are best for small kitchen. It has four adjustable heads so you can enjoy multi-directional lighting to cover serving, cooking, and dining areas. All can light just by one lighting fixture.

Stylish pendants:

A small kitchen lighting does not mean that you need to sacrifice on your style. If you like stylish pendants, you can go for translucent shades of lights. Such as crystal or glass pendants that keep your kitchen space lightweight and soft feel. Crystal accents are very easy to add that extra modern luxury touch to the small kitchen.  

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