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If you would like to win on Wall Street, Yahoo Finance is insufficient but Bloomberg Terminal costs a whopping $24,000 per annum . That’s why Atom Finance built a free tool designed to democratize access to professional investor research. If Robinhood made it cost $0 to trade stocks, Atom Finance makes it cost $0 to understand which to shop for . Today Atom launches its mobile app with access to its financial modeling, portfolio tracking, news analysis, benchmarking and discussion tools. It’s the consumerization of finance, almost like what we’ve seen in enterprise SaaS.

“Investment research tools are too important to the financial well-being of consumers to lack an equivalent cycles of product innovation and accessibility that we've experienced in other verticals,” CEO Eric Shoykhet tells me. In its first press interview, Atom Finance today revealed to TechCrunch that it's raised a $10.6 million Series A led by General Catalyst to create on its quiet $1.9 million seed round. The cash will help the startup eventually monetize by launching premium tiers with even more hardcore research tools. Atom Finance already has 100,000 users and $400 million in assets it’s helping steer since soft-launching in June.

“Atom fundamentally changes the sport for a way financial journalism and reporting is consumed. I couldn't live without it,” says The Twenty Minute VC podcast founder and Atom investor Harry Stebbings. Individual investors are already at an obstacle compared to big firms equipped with AI , the priciest research and legions of traders glued to the markets. Yet it’s becoming increasingly clear that investing is critical to long-term financial mobility, especially in an age of rampant student debt and automation threatening employment. “Our mission is two-fold,” Shoykhet says.

“To modernize investment research tools through an intuitive platform that’s easily accessible across all devices, while democratizing access to institutional-quality investing tools that were once only available to Wall Street professionals.” Leveling the floor Shoykhet saw the gap between amateur and expert research platforms firsthand as an investor at Blackstone and Governors Lane. Yet even the supposedly best-in-class software was lacking the usability we’ve come to expect from consumer mobile apps. Atom Finance claims that “for example, Bloomberg hasn’t made a big change to its central product offering since 1982.”

The Atom Finance team So a year ago, Shoykhet founded Atom Finance in Brooklyn to fill the void. Its web, iOS and Android apps offer five products that combine to guide users’ investing decisions without drowning them in complexity: Sandbox – Instant financial modeling with pre-populated consensus projections that automatically update and are recalculated over time Portfolio.

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