Art and Animal Lover Introducing Myself!

Hello, my name is Tia, and I'm 20 years old. I still live with my parents, and they're helping me prepare for life. I will be talking about my life as a child to right now.


When I was born, my mom told me she and the others didn't take me seriously because I was the only girl born in her family at that time. She didn't think I would be hard to raise. When I was age 2, my dad brought home a puppy, and I started to like him. I played with the puppy every day. I tried to go in his cage to play with him, but failed since my dad took me out! At a young age, I started to love dogs and always wanted to take care of them, so I told my parents that I want to become a Veterinarian one day. I started school at age 3, and I didn't like it. I always got bullied because I'm too quiet, and barely communicate with other people. I hardly made any friends as well.

The reason I don't communicate with others is because I lacked on it. I have a disability; it's called mild autism. It made my life difficult, even for school. I lack on communication, learning, speech, and thinking. I was struggling so much in school. On the good side, I had teachers and a few friends to help me. They helped me till I finished high school. Right now I graduated high school, and I had help for communication and speech. I highly appreciated it.

Finally, I'm at home. Soon, my parents will teach me how to drive so I can start my first step for life. Hopefully, I can get a job so my parents don't have to worry about me. And I'm not going let my problems get in the way from me trying. I will do my best at all cost!

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My name is Tia and I like to draw and post videos online.

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