Apple iPhone 5c is officially classified as an obsolete product and has been released for seven years

Apple updated the vintage and obsolete products list this week, and its first color mobile phone, the iPhone 5c, is now listed as an obsolete product. This also means that this model will only receive limited technical support.

According to the description of Apple's official website, products that have been on sale for more than five years will be considered obsolete products. This applies to Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and other Apple accessories.
The iPhone 5c was launched in September 2013 and is equipped with an A6 chip, a 4-inch LCD screen and an 800-pixel rear camera. Apple will discontinue production and make iPhone 5c obsolete in 2022, which will permanently end technical support for the phone.
In addition, the iPhone 5s, which was released with the iPhone 5c, has not yet been considered an obsolete device because the latter has been on sale in the Apple Store for longer.

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