APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform

Adding accurate references to your academic assignments is a time-consuming and hectic process. However, in today’s technology-driven era, the LiveWebTutors has introduced an automated APA referencing generator tool that helps the students to instantly create and organize relevant citations following the APA referencing pattern for their crucial academic assignments. All you have to do is enter the details of the source you desire to acknowledge and our referencing generator will take charge of all your hard work. You do not have to pay a hefty amount to get the bibliography of your assignments sorted.

Understanding the APA referencing style 

APA is a popular citation style introduced by the American Psychological Association. The APA citation format follows a parenthetical author-date pattern that requires the students to place the last name of the author followed by the publishing date into every location wherever they want to acknowledge the work of other writers in the narrative of their own assignment.

The APA referencing format includes in-text citations and a full-fledged reference list along with the relevant guidelines for organizing the distinct sections of the assignment. You can conveniently use the Vancouver referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform for drafting both, the in-text citations as well as the bibliography.

Although this referencing style is majorly used by the students pursuing their education in the field of social and behavioral sciences, the APA citation format is also found in other scientific publications for establishing their editorial efficiency. The APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform is based on the updated instructions as per the 7th edition of the format and allows the students to easily add references to their academic assignments and avoid any chances of submitting plagiarized content. Whether you are using the APA referencing generator tool for your academic assignments or are writing research projects with it, our software can be accessed efficiently even at the more bizarre hours of the day.

What is the APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors portal?

The ultimate objective of the LiveWebTutors platform is to help the students understand the advantages of utilizing multiple sources in their scholarly writing tasks and the importance of perfecting referencing all the source data. This article has been developed to support scholars, authors, and researchers by offering authentic and well-considered advice on the usage of the APA citations.

We understand that students unknowingly tend to plagiarize their writing tasks under the mounting pressure of daunting deadlines that is why we came up with this exclusive APA referencing generator tool to automate the tedious referencing process and assist the scholars to save their valuable hours that they will have to spend organizing and transcribing their academic citations. So, rather than starting from the first step, you can save yourself some legwork with the most accurate and user-friendly referencing generator tool. It is swift and easy-to-use.

Type of sources you can cite using our impeccable APA referencing generator tool

The APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platforms can help you to save your valuable time and make sure that your 7th edition APA format references are accurately organized every time. To start referencing your assignments perfectly you can select from the wide array of sources mentioned below:
Archive material
Press release
Government publications
Court case
Conference proceeding
Dictionary entry
Online images or videos

Benefits of using the APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform

The APA referencing generator tool by the LiveWebTutors platform is convenient to use, accurate, and easily accessible by all the students out there. Some of the valuable features that you will definitely love about this software are:

Super swift auto citations using the ISBN, title, DOI, or URL of the source

No hefty charges, irritating advertisements, or limitations.

A smart referencing form that helps the students to avoid incorrect APA references.

Quick and valuable suggestions that may make the referencing process bearable.

You can easily download APA citations in the word document or copy and paste them directly into your assignment file without any hassle.

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