Ameliorate the veracity of your academic documents by using our virtuous plagiarism checker tool

Submitting plagiarized content to a university or college can destroy your entire academic career. In earlier times, it was difficult for the students to determine if they have submitted original content in their assignments or not. The determining factor was those who knew that they were subjected to piracy by copying content from one source into their assignments. Fortunately, students of the 21st century have access to advanced and free plagiarism checker tools that allows them to check and edit plagiarized content from their documents without any hassle. Even the professors and mentors from all across the globe utilize the plagiarism checker tool to determine if the submitted assignments are 100% original or out.

With the advent of the internet, the possibility of submitting plagiarized content unknowingly has also increased immensely. Keeping this fact in mind, the LiveWebTutors platform has introduced a comprehensive plagiarism checker tool to largely benefit students as well as educators. It is suitable with distinct operating systems and can detect similar content in your essays research papers dissertations thesis case studies Course work or any other type of assignment easily.

It will only take you a few minutes or even seconds to analyze or run through your document by this software and get a percentage of the original and plagiarized content added. It is high time to reduce the burden of manually completing this impossible task and save yourself from being embarrassed or accused of accidentally stealing someone else's work. So, what are you waiting for? Get a reliable plagiarism report from the official website of the LiveWebTutors platform now!

Understanding the concept of plagiarism

If you have used someone else's ideas, thoughts, words, phrases, or presentations in your work without imparting accurate credit you are committing the grievous act of plagiarism. In simple terms, using someone else's copyrighted material and claiming it to be yours is defined as plagiarism.

In today's internet-driven era plagiarism is often treated as an accidental crime but it definitely impacts your impression on the professors and mentors evaluating your assignment. In the academic sector, students have to bear serious consequences if they are caught submitting plagiarized content. Even a silly mistake as missing out on a quotation mark can put your content under the radar of plagiarism.

Therefore, using the plagiarism checker tool by the LiveWebTutors platform will help you to stay aware of the quality of your content and allow you a chance to revise all the areas that include duplicated content.

How does the plagiarism checker tool work?

The plagiarism checker tool by the LiveWebTutors platform can be accessed at any time of the day and is available absolutely free of cost. It is ready to use whenever needed. You no longer need to hire a professional to check the assignment for establishing its originality.

You can get plagiarism results for your academic document by following the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Copy and paste your content into the designated textbox with a maximum of thousand words per search. You can also upload your document from the device using the ‘upload file’ option.

Step 2: Click on ‘check plagiarism.’

Step 3: Sit back and relax while the software scans millions of sources on the internet and processes the results for the submitted document. It will only take a few minutes or seconds.

It is as easy as that! The results are displayed in percentage meaning you will get to know the percentage of original and percentage of plagiarized content available in the submitted text piece. It also shows the link of the source from where the content seems to be duplicated. We strive to continuously improve our plagiarism checker tool by taking valuable suggestions and recommendations from our users.

Why should you opt for our automated plagiarism checker tool in place of manual evaluation?

The answer to this question is pretty simple! The process is time-consuming and almost impossible as you cannot check every source available to mankind on your own in the given time frame. Who would want to do something that technology can make easy for you with accuracy and swiftness? You will have to have an excellent memory while researching for your academic assignment to complete the task manually.
The Plagiarism checker tool by the LiveWebTutors platform delivers accurate results and helps you to meet high standards of academic integrity.

Distinct features of the plagiarism checker tool by the LiveWebTutors
  • Supports different file formats
  • Allows the students to check multiple assignments or documents
  • Real-time search across the internet and library
  • The structure and format of the submitted document remains unaffected
The plagiarism checker tool by the LiveWebTutors platform can be conveniently used by content writers, bloggers, students, educators, and organizations to enjoy the advantages of a technologically brilliant and intuitive design that helps you to achieve integrity.

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