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Today, when businesses all around the world have condensed into a global trade market with 4G and 5G network availability, almost every small and large organization uses online communication, for sales, marketing, hiring, and other business needs. Also, with time, there are several productivity-increasing tools to help businesses streamline their activities. You can find several productivity tools online that you can use to keep your business organized and well-managed. You can also go for a custom productivity tool for your business by consulting a professional software development company in Dallas. Otherwise, the following are a few online time management tools to keep you on track.


Evernote is a virtual to-do list for keeping everything noted, including your business essentials. This note-taking app helps users capture all of the important ideas at the point, and they can also pin or prioritize essential notes. It helps keep everything stored so that you do not miss anything and could easily focus on what matters most for you. With Evernote, you can always manage from small to bigger projects and from personal to business life.
Evernote enables users to capture ideas, thoughts, and inspirations, in text, voice, and images. It saves you from missing your deadlines through reminders.there are multiple plans available on Evernote to best suit your needs. You can start with the free trial version and go with the premium plan you like.

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is an online calendar that can make a lot of tasks easier for you. It is a time-management and scheduling app for Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Google calendar is popular for helping users in reduced time. It takes lesser time to manage your schedules on Google calendar, and you can spend more time enjoying it.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is a type of personal diary. It has a few but very useful features. You can keep records in the text, voice, and image forms. It allows you to keep notes, save pictures, and set reminders. It can read text from an image and turn it into text. You can also create a to-do-list with Google Keep. On top of all, it can be accessed from everywhere with your Google account. Overall, it is a handy app for both personal and work needs.


Todoist is a task manager mobile app. This mobile app is generally used for organizing, planning, and collaboration among teams. With this app, users can gain clarity and a direction by getting all of the tasks onto a to-do-list instead of messing in their heads. The app is available for all devices, including Android, Apple, and Windows screens.
This task management app helps you keep everything organized and accounted for. as a result, you can put all of your focus on making progress on the things that value most for you. The app reminds you of deadlines and helps you build good habits. You can help you achieve your business tasks.


Cozi is a simple family organizer app. when all the other, it helps users keep every schedule and lists in one place. The app offers a to-do-list, calendars, shopping lists, family journals, and much more. What's unique with this app is that it also includes recipes and meal planners.

This app helps families coordinate and communicate everyone's activities, schedules. You can also keep track of grocery lists and dinner plans with the family. It simply keeps the family on the same page. Cozi is available for Android and iOS users.


ClickBook offers free online appointment scheduling. With this app, users can become super organized with daily tasks, notes, and reminders. It is an easy-to-use and secure appointment scheduling app. the app is significantly useful for businesses. This free appointment scheduling software can be downloaded into any browser, and it allows users to have full access to a great appointment manager and scheduling dashboard. ClickBook is available for Android and iOS and Windows users.


RescueTime is a time tracking app. this app helps you track your time. It lets you understand where your time goes every day. With this, you can manage your time well on productive activities and improve you're routine daily. This app also helps you maintain a good work-life balance. The app is available for the free trial version and continues with the premium version ahead. RescueTime is available for both Android and iOS users.


Doodle is a schedule application that syncs all of your calendars together. The app is available for 14-days free trial. It is an extension to your already installed calendar or scheduling app. Doodle cam also syncs with your calendars, contacts, address book, from a variety of sources. The app can be used by both Android and iOS users.

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