Algebra 2 and You

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In school there are levels to certain classes, which is to say that you are not going to complete the lessons in that subject over the course of a semester or full year. In my school, every student had to take a math class and an English class every year. English classes were all tracked out for you, so you basically just moved from level to level as you went grade to grade. In senior year, we could switch to Honors or AP English, but that was only optional. If you are like me, you might have avoided those because you did not want to put in the work or you just did not feel confident that you could get a good grade. When it comes to high school and middle school math, there are a lot of students that chose to take the easy way out as well, but most students will start in Algebra 1. The hierarchy when it comes to math is that you tend to take Algebra 1, followed by Germany in 10th grade, and then Algebra 2 in your junior year. Others move faster than that, but it is not right for everyone to accelerate the process so much. In the next few points, I will let you know why Algebra 2 is great and why you need it in your life.

Cosine the Lease for Me

When asking “what is Algebra 2?” you might have a tough time pinning down an answer because it encompasses a lot. The two classes before are prerequisites here because you need them as foundation to pass this level once you get there. In terms of what you actually learn, it includes all sorts of things from polynomials to sines, cosines, and tangents. And I am not talking about the kind of tangents where I start talking about something that is only partially related.

The Universal Language

One of the interesting things about math is that we all use the same numbers to express mathematical equations. I am of the belief that we should all speak the same language, whether that is English, Chinese, or whatever else because it does not make sense to me that people on the same planet should not be able to communicate with each other. When the aliens inevitably come down and speak a language of their own, it will just add to their confusion and ours that we have so many different languages. Algebra in Spanish is going to be the same as Algebra in English when you get down to it, but the way that you communicate is still very important.

How to Use Your Skills

There are a lot of people that never get the chance to use Algebra 2 in their lives because they find a vocation that does not require it. You might ask yourself what you should do with those skills to make sure that they do not go to waste. Online math tutoring jobs are a great way to pick up some cash while utilizing the skills that you learned.

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