Akira Impact on Today's Modern World

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It has been so long since the development of Akira's film. In 1988, the film got released, and people got to know how much innovative and unique way can be used to portray a cinematic experience worth remembering. Today's world has gotten very familiar with the content accepted by the audience, and producers are willing to take a risk to provide unique content.

Akira has changed the perception of Japanese animation all around the world with its phenomenal visuals and a great script. Many directors and producers acknowledge this film as the best animation display, becoming a benchmark for everyone. Akira's film showed people that Japan has the resources to create such amazing screenplays to make everyone wonder.

How It Became The World's Best Animation?
The thing here is that Akira was developed in the year 1988, and it produced such amazing content, which was close to impossible in that era. The experts behind screenplay know what they are capable of; even the director himself told about how many skilled and talented minds are working behind this portray of film.

Undoubtedly Akira achieved all the attention with its amazing biker gang and inspiring Kaneda jacket. It got so much recognition worldwide; in the USA audience appreciated how well the film looked in cinemas. Now the public is getting mature day by day, and they do not compromise on quality work, so it better be good to get appreciated by the audience.

Facts to Inspire The Audience
There are some fun facts from Akira film production and cinematics, which will surely blow your mind. The amazing fact of this film is that it was recorded that a 10 Million dollars budget is set for this film's production. Before this film, there was no other film which got so heavy a budget. Another fact is Katsuhiro Otomo had to bring this creation into existence and came up with this unique idea.

The Akira Jacket is self-created by Otomo himself, and it brought so much influence on people. In the USA, it is normal that when you record the voice of a character, you don't need to actually create or produce the animation first, but it's vice versa for the Japanese industry. In this film, it happened that voice was recorded before characters got their existence for the first time.

How Did The Bike Come Into Existence?
When creators got their minds together, they came up with this masterpiece of a bike, which resonates with the futuristic feel. This bike has all of a fully-loaded bike; every bikers dream is to have a bike like this. Creators associate it with Harley-Davidson as the sound is also similar, and it is also shown as a 200 horsepower bike. It also showed that it has ABS (Anti-lock Brakes), which are electronically defined. This type of high-tech and futuristic bike in that era was impossible to create in real life, but producers wanted to show something which can be built after some time of innovation, and it did. A fan spends around $120,000 to recreate a real-life Kaneda bike.

Netflix Getting Inspiration from Akira 
Many creative contents on-screen got highly inspired by Akira film to name from famous names, and The Stranger Things is the best one. Eleven is a character in Stranger Things, which was recorded as a character with some telepathic powers that can also be identified in character from Akira film. Moreover, Kanye West, Stronger, was also picturized as one of the replications of Akira scenes. The film Looper was also cited as one of the inspirations of the director of Looper. This movie was also inspired by Akira, and too many more movies got their resources from Akira.

The Masterpiece of Animation
When Akira got released, that era was not expecting such a beautiful animation; it won't be an exaggeration to call it the best animation from that era. Nowadays, more creators are getting experienced and know what to do with an amazing piece of art. The effect on the Hollywood industry was phenomenal; every inspiring director, like Steven Spielberg, has acknowledged the pure form of animation done in Akira. All of the characters from the film showed amazing roles, and each has its importance in the movie.

Other Films As Akira
We cannot expect such phenomenal work from any other movie, and the reason is if we compare today's animation with that era, it will be a biased statement. So Akira was introduced in a less resourceful and less innovative era, making it one of the best creations from Japanese animation. Moreover, we can compare it to Castle in the sky or Dragon Ball Z, but again both of them are not close enough to get competition straight.

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