Airtight Jar – The Best Way To Store Food

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For health and hygiene, all of us prefer eating fresh food, right? But with the hustle and bustle of our society, how do we expect the food to be delivered in a proper condition? Well, that's now possible with clip top plastic jar. It helps in protecting your food from being contaminated by physical, chemical, and environmental factors.
The food lasts longer and stays safe when its packaged properly. Unpackaged food can become dry and spoiled. It’s also an effective way of communicating about the ingredients available inside the food item. This type of container is extremely beneficial for products like oils and beers because it plays a vital role in protecting their quality.

How to remove stains and smell from food containers

Have you ever experienced the stains and smells of past meals whenever you try to pack up leftovers or store the meal? Well, it's immensely important for your airtight containers to be clean and stink-free. One of the best ways of preventing your food containers from deterioration is to wash them immediately after you finish using them. The longer the particles of your saucy, stinky food are available inside the box the more time-consuming the cleaning task will become. The sooner you wash the containers the longer they will keep their integrity.

Following steps need to be followed for cleaning the container

- Add a teeny little amount of baking soda inside the water.
- Dip your container in this water. In case the container is too big, pour the solution into         the container and let it soak until the smell disappears.
- Rinse the container using clean tap water and then see if the odor disappears
- If the odor is still available wash it again with dish soap and water.

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