Advantages of Modular Switches for Your House

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If you’re looking at buying a new house or renovating your old house, it’s time to update your switches to modular switches. Give those old, traditional switches a toss in the bin as modular switches replace them and outscore them in every possible way. Whether it’s for your home or office, the electric fittings can’t be ignored anymore. 

For apparent reasons, modular switches have started becoming popular lately in a very short span. They look not only aesthetically pleasing, but also are safe and convenient to use. Apart from these fundamental reasons, there are so many other advantages that these modern electric switches have over the conventional ones.


One of the most critical factors considering the number of accidents and deaths that take place yearly due to electric shocks and short-circuits. While using any electric appliance, one has to be very careful.

This is where a modular range of switches comes in the topic. Unlike the old switch and sockets, these do not come in contact with any metal screws. Hence there are no chances of mishap or shocks. 

Since they are without any metallic parts on the face, these switches pose no risk of shocks. If you are looking at child-proofing your home, then modular switches are a great option. They are crafted out of high-quality plastic and designed in a manner that they are shuttered to make them children-friendly. 


Modular switches are versatile; they can be out to various uses. They can be used for different appliances, put to other applications like automation, signalling, security and data transmission. You can install multiple modular electrical switchboards according to your preferences and needs. 

You’ll find them available in various capacities. Hence, they can be used for applications which need heavy power supplies too. Not only in use, but also while installing, they offer flexibility. Modular switches are easy to remove, replace, or remove.

Don’t forget to cut your power supply and have protective devices while installing them.


Modular switches are tested so many times for their efficiency. Good companies like Legrand, manufacture high-quality switches and stringently test them before they are sold to the public.

The manner in which they are manufactured and wired, they are built to be more efficient. This also increases its durability. They also are better when it comes to soft touch and noiseless operation. 

Elegant Look

When it comes to looks, we hire an interior decorator for our houses. Right from the stool to couches, we want everything to look the best. Then how can you overlook the switches?

Modular switches are undoubtedly the most stylish and visually appealing. You’ll find them in various colours, finishes, sizes and styles. These features wouldn’t be available in the traditional switches. Now you can adapt your switchboard according to your room colours and theme.

You can go wild with ideas as you explore the versatile, designed switches. You can try out the different options of designer switch plates, glass switch plates, colour-blocked switch plates and much more! 

Now that you know the advantages of modular switches, you should also know where to buy them from. If you’re looking at online options, don’t forget to check out Legrand for their wide range of quality electrical fittings and switches. 

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