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Adult Gay Douche In Auckland:

Because it takes time for food to pass through the system you should alter your diet a day or so in advance of a play session. Reduce the amount of fatty foods as they can take up to 36 hours to pass through your system. During the day you intend to play, limit your intake of simple foods such as eggs and dairy. This is a general guide – you know your body best.

Basement Bullet Douche NozzleDouching should be done at least 2 hours prior to playing. The desired end result is to clean the lower intestinal tract of any noticeable faecal matter, which can be irritating and has the capacity to spread diseases. The process involves progressive enemas/douching until the water expelled is clear. Plain water enemas are best, unless you live in an area with a questionable water supply. Using a water temperature that is between lukewarm and body temperature, slowly take in as much water as you can, hold it for a while, if possible, and then expel it. Repeat the process until the water comes out clean.

The time involved will vary based on the diet and depth of enema. Do not rush. The process can take anywhere from a few minutes to almost an hour. The goal is to clean out the intestinal tract, not to race to get ready for play. Even with thorough douching, there may be times that you need to stop play and clean further. Remember the body is a complex organism. We can not always have the body follow our wishes whenever we desire.

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