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Some curious facts that you did not know about your boxer!!

If you are thinking about adopting a boxer dog then these curious facts are for you.

There are two types of boxer, American and German. Usually German boxers are bigger in size than Americans, so if you do not have enough space for a big dog, you better decide for an American boxer!

Most people believe that boxers are loving and do not like to fight! Lie! In most cases dogs act depends on how they are educated. In my particular case my boxer is aggressive with other dogs so I recommend you to educate him since he is a puppy and try to socialize as much as possible.

Boxers are hyperactive and playful dogs, they are called peter pan dogs because they never mature like the other dogs, in their mind they are still puppies so you should have a large space in your house or just exercise it daily, with 45 or 30 minutes are enough to make them happy all day.

I hope these three curious facts help you make the decision to adopt a boxer, they are extremely loving and loyal dogs. ❤︎ 

Love, Ailin.

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