A Roadmap to the Best Business Certifications of 2020

Going forward in your career or job requires an extraordinary hold on the subject matter and essential business skills. Globally recognized professional business certification can help you accelerate your career growth and become qualified with the right industry-knowledge, skillset, and training. Professional certifications act as strong career growth tools for professionals as well as beginners across industries and enable them to stand out in a competitive business community.

There are several business certifications available today, but some have proved their mark in uplifting career status more than others. After extensive research, we have curated the list of best business certifications for 2021 that can help you advance your career. Take your pick!

Top 4 Professional Business Certifications 

If you want to advance your career by demonstrating your expertise and supplemental experience to the recruiters and gain a front-row seat in the hiring processes, below are the best business certifications that you must consider. These six certifications are the most popular and globally recognized credentials that can strengthen your resume and upgrade your career. A business certification typically consists of training and study materials which are followed by an examination.
  1. SBSP™ (Senior Business Strategy Professional) 
 Have you ever thought about what's stopping you from becoming a global business strategy leader? It can be two things - lack of crucial business skills or lesser knowledge of strategy formulation.

The SBSPTM is a certification program designed for shrewd professionals to enhance their business skills/ career and prepare them for leadership roles of higher impact. This program enables individuals to develop a business perspective, knowledge, and skills. It lets professionals interpret and use business strategy as the prime mechanism to make informed decisions and draw positive business outcomes.

Key features of SBSPTM Program:

A completely online program that provides you the freedom to learn at your own pace
Elevates the development of critical soft skills and strategic acumen

Enables a 'change-maker mindset in professionals

A sharp & dedicated curriculum divided into two stages
  1. CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional)
Most global organizations seek a global business strategy leader who has the ability to analyze business requirements and formulate effective solutions. A professional who guides businesses in the evaluation and improvement of processes with the help of data analysis holds a cornerstone place in the business community. The CBAP is an advanced certification program that is ideal for business wizards who want to master the art of data analytics. More precisely, this program is mainly designed for managers & leaders who have more than 5+ years of experience in business analysis.
Key features of CBAP Program:

Help participants gain expertise in data analytics concepts

The entirely remote program offers flexibility and a personalized learning environment
Boosts your employability and earning potential
  1. PMP (Project Management Professional) 
Business leaders are the foundation of an organization as they are the key drivers of productivity and growth within the workforce. Taking on more leadership responsibilities opens a whole new door of growth opportunities for business professionals. But to do so, having effective leadership & management skills is highly important. The PMP certification program facilitates individuals to attain such skills and helps them become effective global business strategy leadersIt is an industry-recognized certification that is mainly designed for managers and executive heads.

Key features of PMP program:

Gain expertise in project planning, implementation, and execution

Enables participants to get hands-on organizational, communication, risk management, and leadership skills

Enhanced access to higher-level and leading project management positions
  1. ABSP™ (Associate Business Strategy Professional)
If you are a young professional or a graduating student who wants to stand out in the crowd of applicants, the ABSPTM certification can make your way to the best recruiters & employers and help you become their preferred hire. Students majoring in different professional disciplines like business administration, management, sales, healthcare, pharmacy, business analytics, finance, or technology can enroll in this program to attain professional excellence & significant knowledge of business strategy.

Key features of ABSPTM Program:

Helps you attain a global understanding of business strategy knowledge

Proves your accountability in your area of expertise

Improves the decision-making, analytical and problem-solving skills of the participants
Increases your value and set you off from your peers

Which one suits you best? Share your experience and pick.

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