A Review of Ancient Legends of the Land of Iran

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Iran is thousands of years old, and has many beauties in itself. From Persian rug and carpet to its legends. Persian legends which are also known as the Persian mythology, have an Aryan root and what is left today from Persian legends go back to Avesta. The foundation of Persian legends are mostly based on good and evil. These legends each have a unique history, which could be really fun to know. So let’s take a gander at Persian legends.
Dragon in Persian Legends
This creature is present in many of the world’s legends. Our country Iran has not been an exception and this creature is present in some Persian legends. Dragon is a creature that in addition to being the symbol of destruction, is also the symbol of prosperity. Many mythologists believe that since human beings have always been trying to find a way to free themselves from the unending power of the dragon, this creature is also a symbol of man’s motivation.
 The other name of this creature is Morghe Bahman (the bird of December). Morghe Bahman is among the ancient Persian myths which is known for eating nails. In Persian mythology, Ashozosht is the creation of Avesta in order to promulgate food.

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