A quick overview of the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines

Have you recently confirmed reservations with Southwest Airlines, and due to some unavoidable reasons, you need to cancel your booking with the airline? Then, in this article, you will be offered with the complete details on how one can easily cancel their bookings and claim a refund for the same.

Details about the cancellation policy of Southwest

For those who are willing to cancel their reservations booked with Southwest, they must have complete details regarding Southwest Airlines cancellation policy rules. So, to help one out, here are some of the major rules of the cancellation policy that one requires to know

The airline permits the passengers to cancel their booking within one day of the purchase of the flight ticket without any cancellation charges.
Further, for the above condition, the flight should be booked at least a week before the flight departure.
And for the cancellations that are made within one day of the booking are provided with a full refund.
Besides, for the cancellations that are made after one day of booking, they are required to pay a cancellation fee depending on the route and the fare type of the reservations.

Updates in the cancellation policy due to COVID-19

As per the recent update in the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, the flight tickets that are scheduled till 31st July 2020 are waived off from the cancellation fee and will be offered with a complete refund. However, to confirm the same, the passenger is suggested to contact the airline reservation department for assistance.

Thus, this was the complete details regarding the cancellation policy that one needs to know to easily manage their reservations booked with Southwest and claim a quick refund.

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