A Guide on How to Use Quora to Perform Effective Marketing

The Internet is vast and there are countless interesting social media platforms which allow visitors to connect with each other and share ideas & stories. Not only are these platforms the best tools for increasing interactivity, but they are also a great source of marketing your businesses. Brands around the world have realized the potential that these social media platforms hold and as a result, they have found multiple creative ways to use the platform to their best of interest. Today, if you want to sell online then it’s important that you have a dedicated team of experts working specifically on social media marketing. And among many platforms, the two most famous are Facebook & Instagram.

While these platforms are quite reliable when it comes to Internet marketing, the only downside is that they require budget as fuel to work in your favor. But what if I tell you that there is a better platform that can get you solid leads and you won’t even have to invest any budget in winning the client’s over.

This platform is known as Quora.

What is Quora? 
It is a place where people ask questions and then the community participates in answering them.

The exact same community also upvotes answers which are the most relevant.

You will find all kinds of questions on Quora, from which fishing line is the best for catching trouts to which is the most action-packed anime one should watch during the quarantine period.

Besides when asked from a reliable New York digital marketing company how Quora is beneficial?

They answered,

* Search up your own set of questions to which you’re seeking answers
* Publish your own content on Quora similar to LinkedIn’s publishing platform
* Use targeted audience to answer your questions
* Spend credits to make sure your question appears in front of many people

Once you get the hang of it, Quora becomes quite an engaging platform which is fun and interesting.

Why is Quora the Best Place for Marketers? 
Do you know that on an average, almost 775,000 people use Quora on a monthly basis? Sounds like quite a many individuals have questions that they want to get answered or they are seeking answers.

If you’re a marketer, then you must understand that there are countless reasons why you should use Quora as a platform for marketing. To begin with, it provides you with 700,000 unique visitors, it helps you increase your authority on chosen topics and enable you to build the right expertise, it helps you get the answers to different products, and it also helps you find out the questions people want answered. In short, Quora can allow you to promote your product/brand in countless ways through it.

The only mistake that marketers can do here is to try hustling their way through. However, when you go through the platform, you will realize that it is specifically designed to spread the knowledge.

As a marketer, how should one begin their interesting journey on Quora? The answer is simple.

1. Start by Creating Your Profile - Create an optimal profile that allows you to market yourself on the platform. Add details about who you are, what are your areas of expertise, what are your interests, which cities do you reside in, which school & colleges you attended, what previous organizations have you been associated with, and make sure to finally connect your other social accounts with Quora.

2. Track Topics that Interests You - Turn on the notification feature on Quora which will send you notifications based on the topics that interests you. Make sure to follow these topics by searching them up on Quora provided search bar. You can even receive questions on your selected topics in the form of emails

3. Find the Right Questions to Answer - Once your profile is set, the next thing you need to do is find the right questions to answer. It’s best that you pick out a particular topic on which you’ve recently written and then used what you’ve learned during your research to answer that question. Also find similar questions and see what others are saying and how close they are to the right answers. Upvote the answers that you think rightly answers the relevant question.

4. Answer Questions with Confidence - When answering questions, make sure to keep your answers short and to-the-point. Be focused and be confident because if you’re not, people wouldn’t upvote your answers. You have to be very sure when answering your questions. You can use different approaches, such as either being to the point or being a story-teller.

5. Create a Quora Page for Business - Last but certainly not the least, create a quora page for your business. You can do it by using the normal question method and asking Quora authorities to review your website. Once, they see that you’re a credible brand then you can create a Quora page for your business. Just name the topic with your brand and let others review it.

So these are some of the basic tips that I believe one must follow if they want to build themselves as an authority figure in the Quora market.

Concluding Thoughts
Quora is a fast growing platform which has more than thousands of visitors searching different questions. Is it something that one should consider as a part of their growing marketing strategy? I believe the answer is pretty evidently stated above. Yes, Quora can be a great platform to present your business as an ideal option for consumers. However, if you want to do it, you have to make sure that you do it using a more strategic approach. Quora is a massive platform which is merely focused on knowledge sharing. Marketers who understand how to put their products strategically in knowledge based content can make the best use of platforms such as Quora to market their relevant services.

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