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Sharjah Investors Services Centre (SAEED) is a powerful substance made explicitly to support financial specialists and business visionaries set up their business in The Emirate of Sharjah with unfathomable speed and proficiency.

• A master-class one-plug shop to encourage setting up of business in under an hour.

• Offers all Sharjah government's business, authorizing and managerial administrations.

• Offers a committed client assistance master to give speculators top tier conference.

Services at SAEED:

You will be facilitated with the following services at SAEED:

Sharjah Economic Development Department

The Sharjah Department of Economic Development centre administrations helps in getting ready and executing the monetary plans in the Emirate, encouraging venture, directing exploration and modernizing contributing frameworks for legitimate utilization of the assets in the Emirate.

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority

Appreciate advantageous and dependable bill instalment administration for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority.

Medical coverage

Al Buhaira National Insurance Company (ABNIC) is the key insurance agency with 9 branches over the UAE. ABNIC offers a scope of medical coverage administrations.

Service of Interior

Sharjah Police is focused on giving a wide scope of administrations for all inhabitants. With a nonstop interest in innovation, Sharjah Police means to make its administrations quicker and easier to understand.

Sharjah Media City (Shams)

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is a world-class media centre that offers Free Zone licenses for a wide scope of business exercises for innovative and media organizations to set out on their pioneering venture in the UAE.

Government Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Government Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) is made to set up the "Populace Register and Emirates Identity Card Program", which incorporates recording and protecting individual and imperative information for all populace in the state.

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

SCCI takes an interest in the association of monetary life and the success of its exchange, industry and callings segments on all levels and in participation with the concerned foundations and bodies and nearby offices.

Sharjah City Municipality

Sharjah City Municipality is perhaps the most seasoned region in the UAE, with attention on consumer loyalty and a reasonable order to give world-class city utilities and administrations to all the occupants of Sharjah.


SAEED has generously given a warm and welcoming space for HOOF - a mainstream Emirati claimed Coffee Shop chain. Situated in the ground floor, HOOF offers claim to fame espressos teas nearby a wide scope of chomps and bites.

With HOOF we are pleased about not just make your involvement in us more agreeable, yet additionally do our part in supporting nearby organizations.


At SAEED we go the additional mile to help your business. To that end, we offer a decision of meeting spaces to suit a scope of necessities - from one-on-one gatherings, meetings to generate new ideas, to meetings, courses and executive gatherings.
• Fully prepared gathering office including rapid Wi-Fi, screen, scratchpad, pens and so forth.
• An effective and expert group close by to give the backup and specialized help you may require.
• Flexibility to book the spaces varying

Promotion Screen

At SAEED we likewise furnish you with a significant presentation to your business to leaders. Our principal office includes a deliberately positioned huge arrangement LED show screen where you can publicize your business. This is the quickest, most practical approach to get your message to a huge number of specialists, corporate chiefs and individual business people.

Loyalty Cards

At SAEED, you will be given an opportunity to take benefits from Loyalty cards. There are different packages for your requirements:

Silver Card

The silver card will offer you the following benefits:
Ø 10% off on-screen publicizing rates

Ø 10% off on meeting lounge rental charges

Ø 10% off on Saeed Centre’s charges

Ø 10% off on your own HOOF Coffee Shop bills

Ø 5% off on PRO administrations for Saeed focus' exchanges

Gold Card

Gold Card will offer you the following benefits:
Ø 15% off on-screen publicizing rates

Ø 15% off on meeting lounge rental charges

Ø 15% off on your own HOOF Coffee Shop bills

Ø 15% off on Saeed Centre’s expenses

Ø 5% off on Al Majlis rental expenses

Ø 10% off on PRO administrations for Saeed focus' exchanges

Platinum Card

The platinum card will offer you the following benefits:
Ø 20% off on-screen promoting rates

Ø 20% off on meeting lounge rental charges

Ø 20% off on Saeed Centre’s charges

Ø 20% off on your HOOF Coffee Shop bills

Ø 20% off on The Chedi Al Bait Hotel

Ø 10% off on Al Majlis rental expenses

Ø Free PRO for your Saeed focus' exchanges

Ø Private specialist to help you with your exchanges

Investment opportunities

As the Sharjah FDI Office, we are given to the continued with change and money related improvement of the emirate and concentrated on overseeing unfamiliar financial specialists to the gigantic possibility and potential Sharjah offers.

Their vision is to move associations by developing the strong foundations of Sharjah's achievable turn of events and budgetary expanding while simultaneously perceiving and empowering adventure openings across different divisions.

Put assets into Sharjah energize the endeavour method by developing close planned exertion between everybody and the private part. By joining financial masters and openings we aim to fuel improvement and thriving, and we smooth out an all the way the obligation for placing assets into the emirate. We admit that our uniquely crafted administrations will help improve and position Sharjah in the overall practical focus.

Explore Sharjah

With a consistently increasing GDP, a strikingly parted economy, and a rising people of meaningfully taught, hawkish, and outward-looking youths, Sharjah is a supple set for long stretch finest returns and access to overall markets and skilled capacity.

The UAE is one of the most widened economies in the Gulf Region and Sharjah is commonly seen as the nation's social capital, mechanical focus point, and instruction hotspot. Midstream arranged among Europe and East Asia, and with valuable access to huge all-inclusive air stations and ports on both the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, Sharjah is a key undertaking objective for generally fiscal specialists and affiliations intending to explore new topographies and making markets, particularly in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Economic Development

Investors services Sharjah acknowledges one of the most grounded and most viable money-related systems and an astoundingly genuine coordination grandstand due to three purposely discovered seaports covering the two completions of the UAE. Our six thought-free zones pass on altered and profitable business set-up organizations to budgetary masters wanting to work in all zones, with consideration on social protection, travel and unwinding, transport and coordination, condition, guidance, circulating, advancement, and light amassing. All set-up and authorizing exercises are offered consistent help and master counsel by means of an incorporated system drove by different government experts in Sharjah.

Investment opportunities in Sharjah are something other than a one-stop-goal for your ventures, we are your accomplice, your own speculation expert, and a drawn-out supporter of your business.


Sharjah's business condition sets an overall benchmark with respect to drawing in quality and effortlessness of course. Due to our energetic business destinations, and a specialist bunch that imparts in a lot of vernaculars, Investment openings in Sharjah are your section to clients in Sharjah's creating markets. With only a tick away, our group has the mastery and all the market-bits of knowledge expected to help and administration all your business requests over a wide scope of parts. Sharjah Media City (Shams) is a world-class media centre point that offers Free Zone licenses for a wide scope of business exercises for inventive and media organizations to leave on their innovative excursion in the UAE.

Sharjah City Municipality is probably the most seasoned district in the UAE, with attention on consumer loyalty and an unmistakable command to give world-class metro utilities and administrations to all the inhabitants of Sharjah.

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