A Brilliant Way To Save Money When Shopping

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Shop till you drop! This was once a fanciful notion. The last few years, the economic situation has made all of us focus more on getting the biggest bang for our buck. With this in mind, there is one ingenious way to save money on your shopping that many people don't take advantage of.

Buying for ourselves is very easy. Buying for a loved one is pretty simple as well. Buying for someone you sort of know is less so. Many of us have problems with coming up with something unique so we do what millions of Americans do – we buy gift cards. In fact, we buy a ton of them as a society. We spent $80 billion dollars on them in 2006 for example. Of this amount, a full $8 billion were never used. That's like giving stores free money, not that they couldn't use it!

As dollar conscious shoppers, we are not particularly interested in the total dollar value of the gift cards purchased. No, we are interested in the cards that were never used by the people they were given to. Why? Well, there is a critical secret associated with these cards. What is it? The cards are freely transferable. This simply means that if I have begged off coffee as my New Years resolution and have Starbucks gift cards, I can give them to someone I know who still has a vente addiction.

This process has actually been taken a step further. The web is a great marketplace. There are now sites where you can buy and sell gift cards. And here is where we get the most for our money. The gift cards are sold at a discount. You can also score Amazon Gift Cards for free. It depends on the card but can be thirty percent or more. Think about that for a second. Let's assume I need to buy something from Home Depot. Instead of paying the full price, I can go buy a gift card at a discount and use it to pay for the product I need. In doing so, I've saved thirty percent right off the bat.

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