A brief layout of the development process of web conferencing app

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The demand for video conferencing apps like Zoom has skyrocketed since the lockdown. Zoom like app offers a high-definition video and audio quality, thereby enabling a surreal environment for the participants. Seeing the demand for video conferencing apps, entrepreneurs and business people are considering this a viable opportunity for investing in such apps. 

The process involved in creating a web conferencing app 

Back-end development: There is a need for responsive and prolific cloud storage which provides quick access and information retrieval so that there are no glitches while streaming. In addition to that, the web conferring apps also offer the video recording feature so these data must be capable of retrieval as and when required.

UI/UX design: The user interface must be both attractive and responsive. The icons must be laid out evenly so that users easily find the required features. Platforms: Decide on the platform that is compatible with video conferencing apps, such as android and iOS. Each development platform has a separate process so the platform for deployment must be decided at the initial stage.

For the development of iOS, programming languages like shift and objective C are extensively used. For Android apps, WebRTC is used to enable video communication. 

Must-have features of video conferencing app like Zoom 
  • Screen sharing 

  • Virtual hand-raising

  • Chat - team chat and one-on-one messaging

  • Polls

  • Record meetings

  • Mute participants

  • Multiple platform support

  • Virtual background

  • Schedule meetings

  • End to end encryption

  • Gallery mode in which 49 windows can be opened at once

  • Beauty mode for ‘touch up my appearance’ option

Required team structure to build zoom like app
  • Project manager

  • Android/ iOS developers

  • BAck-end developer

  • UI/UX designer

  • QA specialist

Consider these aspects and develop a top-notch encrypted video conferencing app.  Appdupe offers a white-labeled Zoom clone app so entrepreneurs can instantly venture into this prospering field.

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