A brief guide about Pros of using GraphQL with React.js

When it comes to efficient web development, React.js seems like the perfect answer to all the woes of frontend development. However, only creating an attractive frontend is not enough to make any web application a success. To make an application a blazing success in the marketplace providing your clients relevant information and data according to their needs with the help of data manipulation is also a must. Without this, the client will have more control over what is sent across. Further with proper data manipulation one can avoid reading multiple resources across numerous and get their hands on the resources they desire with the help of making singleton requests to the server.
One of the best ways to make it possible in case of frontend development with React.js is to use GraphQL. This is an open-sourced language managed by Facebook, which can be used to produce open-source data query and data manipulation language for making relevant data easily accessible to the clients. With the use of GraphQL along with React.js, one can easily improve the security of their web application along with its speed. With this article, we will take a brief look into the advantages offered by GraphQL, but before we could do so, let’s gain a deeper understanding of GraphQL first.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is basically used as a Query language for APIs. Further, it can also be used in server-side runtime as well to execute queries with the help of a predefined type system used for defining data types. With GraphQL one can significantly increase the speed of their application and make it perform better.

Benefits of using GraphQL

When you Hire a React.js developer who is capable of using GraphQL. You can easily reap a number of benefits and create and web application that can give higher performance than others in the market. Below is a list of few amazing benefits of using GraphQL with React.js:
No more Overfetching: When there are identical APIs, clients can over fetch data which can hinder the application’s performance to a great extent. With GraphQL, clients can change the set of data and fetch the information they need for themselves with ease. As a result of the use of GraphQL, one can automatically eradicate the probability of over fetching
Support: The use of GraphQL is not only concentrated on the React community. It is widely used by Angular and Node developers as well. As a result, GraphQL has wider community support, which makes it easier for developers to look for guidance and solution and make the whole development process more efficient..
Declarative fetching of data: GraphQL supports the functionality of declarative fetching of data. In this, the user defines data it needs to fetch along with its fields and entity-relationship in a single query request, which aids in quickly fetching the data they need. This makes the UI much better for users and due to this, your brand can easily gain a competitive edge in the market. So as a result, GraphQL can easily transform your user’s experience as well in a number of ways.


GraphQL can aid you in making data searches easier, this not only makes it easier for the consumer to access data quicker, but it also improvises your software’s structure. Further with major web applications like Facebook using it in their backend, it also has generous community support. This makes GraphQL a must adapt language for creating next-generation applications and providing an amazing experience to the users. So, make it a part of your development process today and open up the gateways of higher efficiency with GraphQL.

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