A Beginner’s Guide To Wine

Wine is more than just something you can enjoy at dinner. It has a rhyme and reason; it has a purpose. Though for those that are just getting started with wine, some of the lingo and the knowledge others have can seem to muddy the waters and make getting started with this amazing past time more complicated than it needs to be. The good news is wine is a very personal experience.

What one person likes won’t dictate what others like, and so on. If you’re looking for a quick guide to get you started or more prepared when visiting a Summerland winery, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll go through some of the main points of wine shopping, as well as what to expect when visiting a winery for the first time.

Wine Shopping Like a Pro

Are you eager to jump feet first into purchasing your first bottle? It can be a trip looking at all the bottles available, but there are a few contenders you can quickly weed out—the first of these being prices. Never buy a bottle of one simply for its price tag. Not only can you end up overspending and unhappy. Instead, look for the characteristics you like in certain vintages and slowly explore. Most individuals have a budget when shopping for wines, and in this case, there isn’t much room for an exception.

Sweeter is Easier

For those not accustomed to wine just yet, starting with dry white wines can make the process a bit of an uphill battle. Most individuals find that starting with a sweet white or rose wine to be the best remedy for this situation. Consider easing your way into wine tasting, with something more delicate and sweeter on the palette. Though this isn’t a rule, it is something to consider for your first real purchase of a winery selection.

Ask For Help

If you’re visiting a winery, there are likely many individuals there that can point you in the right direction for selecting a wine. There is never anything wrong with asking for help and choosing a bottle. You might want to know what wine would pair with a salmon dish that has undertones of garlic and rosemary. When selecting a wine for pairings, it helps to have a skilled sommelier by your side. When in doubt, ask for help. This is a great way to experience wines while saving money on buying bottles that you don’t want, need, or won’t enjoy.

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