A Beginner's Guide for Successfully Calling Coyotes!

A pile of rocks
When planning to hunt with your bow, having various shooting options is important due to the need to have the game closer to you so you can get an ethical shot. To help provide yourself with additional shooting angles and options, as a bow hunter, you need to come down out of the trees and consider hunting from a ground blind.

Ground blinds are just as versatile as tree stands and can often be set up in minutes. However, there are a few items to consider before you head out.

· Be sure to set up your ground blind in such a way as to break up the outline of your blind. Use brush or the trunk of a tree to help you.

· Use a face mask and gloves while shooting from inside the blind. This will help to keep you camouflaged against the black interior of the blind.

· Keep you back straight. This is more difficult than it sounds when you are pulling back your bow from he sitting position. You will be tempted to use your arm and shoulder muscles rather than those in your back.

When you are hunting with your rifle you can greatly increase your accuracy by changing just one thing that you do. Open your nondominant eye when aiming.

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