9 Best Top Load Washing Machine In India (2021) Under 10000 Rupees, Semi-Automatic

Gone are the days when people used to wash clothes with their hands. Even the smallest of households used washing machines nowadays in India for their cloth washing needs. However, not everyone can afford a fully automatic front load or top load machine, but so buying the best top load washing machine in India under 10000 rupees is a better option for most of the households as they are economic and does the work efficiently without spending too much money and without any complaints.
A good top load semi-automatic washing machine is a great fit for our Indian households and we know sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming which is the best top load washing machine in India under 10 k. For this purpose, we have selected the best top load washing machine under 10 thousand rupees, so you don’t have to. You can also refer to our quick buying guide as well to have a better understanding of how to select the best top load washing machine for your home.
Here is a quick buying guide that will help you to select the best top load washing machine in India under 10 k in 2021 semi-automatic.
Capacity- The capacity of a washing machine determines how many clothes you can wash in a single cycle. It totally depends on your family size on how much capacity washing machine you will require.
Buying a bigger washing machine will also mean that the motor used will also be bigger and consume more electricity. The most common sizes are:
  • Up 5.9 Kgs – Suitable for bachelors and Couples
  • From 6 to 6.9 kgs– Suitable for a family of 3
  • From 7 to 7.9 kgs– Suitable for 4 or 5 members.
  • 8 kgs and above- For a larger family size of more than 5 people.
Wash Settings- Most of the washing machine brands in India provides several options when it comes to wash settings. The 3 most important settings which you will find in this price segment are:
  1. Gentle Wash- Best suitable for light and cotton cloth that requires more care.
  2. Medium Wash- For normal cloth type and best suitable for normal day to day washing.
  3. Strong Wash- This option is best suitable for heavy clothing items and tough stains.
Spin Cycle Speed- The spin cycle determines the power of the washing machine to wash and dry your clothes. For washing heavy clothes you should go with a device with a higher spin cycle and for gentle washing, you should go with a lower spin cycle machine. 
The different spin cycles available in the market are:
  • Up to 799 RPM
  • 800 to 999 RPM
  • 1000 to 1199 RPM
  • 1200 to 1399 RPM
  • 1400 RPM & Above
You should go with an option that provides you a decent spin speed.
Pre-soaking and time delay system- Pre-soaking features enable you to soak the clothes for some time before starting the wash cycle. This feature helps you to weaken the tough stains by letting the soap getting absorbed in the clothes.
The time delay feature enables you to stop the washing machine in case you have some work in the middle and start it whenever you are ready.
Many people are confused about which one to buy? A top load washing machine and a front load washing machine.
Here we have listed all the pros and cons of a top load washing machine that will help you to buy the best semi-automatic top load washing machine in India under 10000 rupees in 2021.
Benefits of a Top load washing machine:
Good looks- Top load washing machine provides a decent look that makes it very attractive. You can get different types of designs according to their capacity. Their size is such that it can be fitted easily anywhere in your household.

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