8 Methods to Save Your Hair and Control Hair Fall!

Hair Loss – Scary to hear!

We all want a good volume of healthy hair on our heads. But unfortunately, many of us suffer from Hair Loss. Losing 50-100 strands of hair every day is normal but if it is more than the normal count then you need to pay attention to it.

Our body tends to grow new hair replacing the lost hair but this may not work for everyone. Hair growth depends on various factors like age, health, genetics, and diet. We have no control over Age and Genetics but we can improve our diet certainly.

If you are losing hair due to poor nutrition, you can start eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients that can promote your hair growth. Apart from the balanced diet here are the 8 tips that can help to prevent hair loss. To read more - https://www.tectusblog.com/blog/8-methods-to-save-your-hair-and-control-hair-fall

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