7 Promising Reasons To Start IGTV For Business Marketers

Instagram flabbergast with IGTV, IGTV, is a separate app connected with Instagram. It is an excellent way to connect the users and promote brands and products in front of them.Let us discuss seven promising reasons to start IGTV for business marketers.  

People Invest in Videos 

The research study shows that people invest 1.5 hours every day watching the video. Videos are the future of the digital marketing world. Many Marketers, content creators are practicing the IGTV channel to promote their products.

Chance For Lengthy Videos

In the beginning, You are allowed to post the videos up to 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Suppose if you have enough followers that are up to ten thousand, also if your account is verified, then you allow to post one hour video.

Enough Followers  

If you already have an Instagram account, then you have followers to follow you right. When you start a new IGTV channel, it's easy to get the same followers from your Instagram account. 

Clickable Links

You can add clickable links to your videos in the captions part. Through clickable links, you promote your official website, blog, online store, or other media on IGTV channel. You have the chance to make people navigate directly on your websites. 

 High Engagement Rate  

The research study shows that Instagram videos have a higher engagement rate after Facebook. So you can invest your time in IGTV channel to promote your brands and products. Through videos, you can give clear explanations, and people can understand easier than text, images. If you want to enhance your channel growth and connections, buy IGTV likes to attain exposure and brand awareness.

Tutorial Videos

If you are interested in teaching or educating something related to your product growth. You can use this platform to give instructions or show a live demo how to use your product. Videos are an excellent way to promote your product by showing off in a different style. It will enrich brand growth and brand visibility.

Vertical Format Video

The research study shows that more than 75% of people watch the video via mobile phones. In IG TV channels, you don't want to change the mobile screen to watch the video. It's already on the vertical screen naturally. It designs for user convenience, and it's easy to browse the content.

Strategy To Build IGTV Content

Go with the Rules 

While creating the IGTV video, make sure to construct it in a vertical format. If your content is exclusive and you are confident about your content, you can post long term videos. Otherwise, make it short and sweet, focus on attracting eye-catching scenes, engaging content with quality and clearness.

Plan your Actions

It is the stage for influencers and content marketers. To develop your income and make use of IGTV. You can promote or advertise other channels, and partnership with other channels can be beneficial. By asking them to post your content in their channel.

Make use of Hashtags 

Adding hashtags to your content is a great way to give exposure to your channel. It has the magic power to trend your channel if your content is worth it. You can add up to 30 hashtags in your videos in the part of the description.

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