7 Home Improvement Project that you have to do Before the end of the Year

The year is already ending. December is a month of many holidays but it can also be a month to update your house for the new year. Refresh your environments, give it a different look and start 2021 with an updated house. Let's see what reforms you can do before the end of this year. Keep reading:

1. Start the year on the right foot

If you want to start the year on the right foot, the best thing is that we look at the ground. Maybe you are tired of seeing it, maybe you want something warmer or simply the state of your current pavement is not the best.

Changing the floor of a home is, without a doubt, giving a complete turn to the decoration. Although there are many options, the trend continues to be to go for laminate or vinyl floors, which imitate wood and give the home absolute warmth.

2. Change the bathtub for a shower now

You have had in mind for a long time to change the bathtub for a shower. Much safer, much more practical and, in addition, a change that will give more visual space to your bathroom. Obviously, if you place a shower tray, you should save a budget to place a screen.

You do not have to choose excessively expensive models, a fixed glass is more than enough to protect the rest of the bathroom from water and the truth is that they are the most elegant. As for the shower tray, bet on those trays with non-slip materials to give it extra security.

3. A new year with more space

This 2021 you want to be the year of achievement at home. Saving space and taking meters from where it may seem that there are not is not complicated. You simply have to bet on custom furniture.

A built-in wardrobe, a built-in shelf in the dining room or perhaps a small custom-made piece of furniture in the bathroom. This type of solution manages to take advantage of any space, however complicated it may seem. If you have two columns that you do not know very well how to treat, think about creating a piece of furniture between them.

4 The kitchen as the heart of the house

A slightly more expensive reform, no doubt, but we are not going to leave it out for that. The kitchen can become the heart of your home, especially if its distribution is very square. If you have a kitchen next to the living room, dare to throw down the partition and create a joint space.

You will gain visual breadth and create a multifunctional space in which the family is always in contact. If you have small children, you will not lose sight of them, even if you are cooking. In addition, family meals will be much more enjoyable, since the person in the kitchen will not miss the conversation.

5. Paint to give a different look to the whole house

An economic reform, at least cheaper than changing the kitchen or the floor. A change that will make your home look different and an opportunity to jump into those trendy colors that you see so much in magazines. Always remember to ask for color tests , as the tones of a chart can vary greatly on a wall depending on the light in your house.

6. Dare with the wallpaper

If you want to bet on wallpaper, congratulations, there are currently a wide variety of models that you can place on some of the walls of your house. Start 2020 with a different hall, with a wallpaper that invites you to enter your home.

Perhaps you prefer to give your bedroom a spin, removing the headboard and placing an eye-catching paper that becomes the center of attention. In bathrooms and kitchens you can also place it, but it must always be a special paper that withstands water condensation.

7. Check the status of your windows

Finally, don\\\'t forget about the windows. Windows, with the arrival of January and February, very cold months, can help you save on your electricity and gas bill. In addition, for the summer, they will also help you keep your house cooler. Yes, the windows of a house are essential to have a calm environment, especially if you live in a big city.

Hopefully, 2021 will be grate year of your family. I love to write on DIY including home innovation, craft, outdoor and also pretty love on Tools Geeks.

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