5 Tips for One way Car Rentals

5 Tips for One way Car Rentals

Today's blog is all about one-way car rentals
number One is price can vary in the exact same location but why is that well first it's all depending on inventory do they have enough cars to rent locally and do they have some that they can actually just get rid of that they don't need there anymore or do they have very very few and they don't want to give those away the other thing is if there's a busy local event going on like for smaller towns let's say they have a whole bunch of people coming in and they need local car rentals they're not gonna let you take one away unless you pay a lot of money because that's actually taking away from your inventory so if you are doing a one-way rental and you're at a location make sure there's not a lot of stuff going on and call a lot of different places and make sure that you can get a good reasonably priced one-way rental.
number two you're looking online and you can't find any availability for any kind of cars going one way what you really want to do is you want to call those places at the airport or whatever their local offices and find out if they have any cars I've actually had a lot of good luck doing that sometimes online I was not able to find a vehicle but then I called the local office in the airport and they had about four or five cars that they were willing to rent me and I got a decent deal on it was like a $100 to rent one way for one or two days.
number three you want to ask about mileage some of them have completely unlimited miles I believe that budget does but other companies may not you want to make sure that no matter what the miles are you have enough miles to get to where you're going and you also know that if it's 25 cents a mile or five cents about whatever it is you have to put that in your budget or find another company because you can usually find some that are unlimited my which.
the number for the number of days make sure you have enough time to get to your destination you can't drive from LA to New York in one day no matter how fast you go or how many drivers you have the only way you're gonna do that is a plane if you are driving straight through the plan on to average about 500 miles a day because it's easy - it's easy to do 500 miles a day and it doesn't push you too hard you may do more you may do less but 500 is a really good average now if you plan on taking your time make sure you a lot more time to drive but realize you are paying by the day and each day it takes you longer the more money you're gonna pay now if money is not a big deal - there you go it's not a big deal but if you're on a tight budget you're gonna want to make as efficient use of your drive time as possible and get there as fast as you can without rushing yourself if that's even a possibility.
number five is tolled and this is actually true for local or one-way rental first you need to know if you're gonna even have any tolls if you're not gonna have any tolls don't worry about it but if there are tools that you need to know about or that you need to deal with making sure you know what the policy is from that rental company about tolls and what it's gonna cost you and all this other stuff now I'm making another blog because this blog is just a lot more involved than just what I want to talk about in this blog I'm making another blog just on that if it's up there should be a tag right here to go check it out if it's not up yet well wait for about seven days it'll be up because I'm filming it next.
I hope you found these tips to be helpful and if you're one of my new subscribers welcome I appreciate you coming if you want to see more blogs like this go ahead and click that Link car rental geneva airport and swiss chauffeur service check out the blogs on mine.
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