5 tips for choosing a hotel

A large room
Tips for choosing a hotel

Tip 1. Don't blindly believe the photos.
With the help of professional photographers and successful angles, you can imagine in a favorable light even the most unsightly hotel. Photos should serve as a hint, but not the only factor when choosing a hotel.

Tip 2. Pay attention to the room area.
As a rule, the meter is indicated on the booking page. If you value comfort and freedom above all else, choose rooms of at least 35 square meters. However, if the room has a balcony or patio, then to feel the space of the room may be less.

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Thanks for your advice on choosing a hotel. I am planning my trip and am currently browsing the Top 8 Ski Areas in Austria on the https://hotelfriend.com/p/ski-areas-in-austria
Your tips have become useful to me. The hotelfriend website has a large selection of hotels and they are very beautiful
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