5 Reasons Why Kids Must Attend Adventure Camps

Parenting in the 21st century is tough. A 2018 study suggests that parents spend about 37 hours a week worrying about their children. Kids prefer a walled way of life, choosing smartphones over a good old trip to the playground. This has become a matter of major concern today. While traditional summer camps aim to bring kids out of their shells and connect with the outside world, they often fail at providing a complete outdoor experience. A kids adventure camp is a perfect solution to this problem.

Here’s why your kid must attend an adventure camp:
  • Modern problems require modern solutions. Prolonged exposure to gadgets at an early age has grave repercussions on a young mind, often resulting in long-term disabilities. An adventure camp reduces the screen time that children are accustomed to. It presents them with an opportunity to step outside their rooms and into the real world. They have an interaction with nature in its rawest form.

  • Fun activities like cycling, trekking, rock climbing etc. push kids out of their comfort zones. Participation in such activities also instils the importance of a healthy body in the young, impressionable minds of children. They develop an inclination for such physical activities, which is essential for the development of their mind as well.

  • The camps are designed to incorporate teamwork in every aspect of the experience. Children can learn about the importance of interdependence. Conflict resolution through shared efforts helps them get detached from their idea of “self” and understand the perspective of others.

  • A lack of social skills results in low self-confidence and discomfort in an individual. Interaction with diverse people in a kids adventure camp boosts conversational skills, talents and the overall personality of a child. Kids can improve their social skills from a young age with such an experience. They are also armoured with these strengths which increase their chances of professional success.

  • These camps unveil important life lessons for kids to learn in an easy way. By teaching the basics of life in the wilderness and survival techniques, kids witness the grandeur of the environment. The co-dependency of man and nature is revealed to them.  Growing up with this experience, a child evolves into a more conscious, responsible adult- the kind of an adult this planet needs more of.
Adventure camps are not just a recreation for your kid, they can shape their future. Get them out of their rooms, enrol for the best adventure camps and witness as your kid takes a big leap towards a brighter future.

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