5 Horrible Mistakes Every Content Marketing Agency Make

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As a budding content writer, you might have downloaded a gaggle of ebooks, might also listen to pithy podcasts to make things work, or even started reading novels! But, unintentionally, you're making the same mistakes.

Being one of the best content marketing agency India, we feel that it's crucial to tell people about the horrible mistakes that content marketing firms are making these days. As a digital marketer, you need to understand the importance of your brand; it's the king! An informative piece of content not only lets your brand communicate with your customers, but it also pitches your sale online. We've made a list of all these mistakes that are required to be in the spotlight.

Here are five content marketing mistakes we all make with a recipe to cook a fresh piece of content for your website.
In a hurry? Just go with the pointers then!

(a) Words of action, but no plan (vice versa)
(b) Crappy content
(c) The SEO love
(d) Trying too much
(e) Losing up the spark

Content marketing mistakes in brief

#1. Words of action, but no plan

A great piece of content is a marriage of 2 key factors- An effective strategy and a tactical execution.

An effective strategy should be your master plan to win over your client's expectations. For example - listening to your audience via Gmail, DMS, and community forums to gain maximum insights into meeting their expectations.

Tactical execution is the chain of actions you will take to achieve those goals. For example - Devoting an hour per day on a social domain or in a group where your potential clients spend most of their time.

#2  A Crappy Content 

Let's be honest, giving your hard and soul to SEO won't serve you permanent followers and people who found your content value-based. In the broadest sense, don't disregard the quality of your content for SEO. MAKE IT INFORMATIVE and then care about the SEO. Ten blogs with packed with absurd SEO keywords won't let you win the game; it will backfire you. Write a single blog with a throng of values and actionable information.

#3 The SEO Love 

It's 2020, and SEO Still in the game.

But it's the only thing that content marketing firms care about? Breaking news! No. With some fraction of information, we have created myths and superstitions of digital marketing taking up nowhere like our nation. You need to give a break to your SEO love; why? Because shooting your content regularly won't create a high ranking on the search engine. You're doing that because everyone is doing that! Think something different to cutthroat this online battle if you want to succeed. Understand this; everything has evolved the with time, the markets, preferences, servicing, and so do SEO. SEO is no more limited to search engines, but users also become a significant focus.

#4 Trying too much

Don't take too much on your plate. Stick to 2 or 3 channels that you can cover; stretching yourself too much will take you nowhere. For example, you launch your youtube channel, were active for 2 - 3 days, and then let it taper off because you lack time or resources to commit.
#5 losing up the spark 

You have just 5 seconds to capture the eyes of your readers, make it worthwhile. This is the other reason why you have a low Return On Investment ( ROI ). How to make it work? Create ahead-turning content that steals away your reader's attention. A headline is essential to keep the spark of your content alive.

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