5 frequently asked questions about dartboards

FAQ about dartboards
Question 1: What is a dartboard made from? 
Well, a quality dartboard is made of sisal fibres (plant fibers from the plant agave). Cheaper dartboards (especially those made for children) are sometimes made out of plastic. Contrary to popular belief dartboards are NOT made from horsehair.

Question 2: Is it alright for a dartboard to be exposed to water?
NO! Never try to clean your dartboard with water and do not leave it outside where it might be exposed to rain. The sisal fibres will absorb the water unevenly and the dartboard will bend out of shape.

Question 3: How should I store my dartboard?
Your dartboard must be stored in a dry and cool place where it will not be exposed to water, direct sunlight or sources of heat.

Question 4: How do I rotate my dartboard?
To rotate your dartboard you simply remove the scoring ring and turn the board clockwise until the 14-segment becomes the new 20-segment. Then put the scoring ring back on. Rotation will make your dartboard last much longer and we recommend that you rotate your dartboard once a week.

Question 5: How high on the wall should I put my dartboard? 
To position your dartboard correctly you just need to make sure that Bull's Eye is exactly 173 cm from the floor.

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