5 fascinating facts that you should know about your clothing items

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Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are produced and sold across the world. This further means that every year, billions of articles used for making clothes are also thrown just to give space to the newer items. Therefore, this is an unfortunate waste of valuable resources. Hence, here’s the article with 8 facts that you should know about clothing items. Have a look to know:

FACT 1: 700 gallons of water is used just to make one cotton shirt. This means that lots of water are used for the production of cotton clothes. Therefore, to put this number in perspective, the amount of water needed to have one cotton shirt is stay hydrated for 900 days whereas the amount of water needed to make one pair of jeans is equal to watering your lawn for 9 to 10 hours. Hence, this clarifies that amount of water needed for making a cotton shirt is more than making jeans.

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FACT 2: It can take up to 40 years for the decomposition of clothes. Once you throw your clothing items you think that you will never see them again. However, discarded clothes get out of your life but this does not mean that they have disappeared. But this is not at all like this, clothing item takes around 40 years for decomposition.

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FACT 3: Breakdown of shoes can take up to 1000 years. As mentioned above, clothes take around a long time to decompose but shoes take longer. Shoes are the materials that are commonly made from a material called ethylene-vinyl, so it can take a really long for a breakdown. So, rather than adding shoe waste to landfills, you should donate them to the people who really need them out.

FACT 4: In a landfill where clothes are decomposed methane is released, a harmful greenhouse gas. Hence, this is one of the most important facts that everyone should know.

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FACT 5: 70% of the world wears second-hand clothing. Do you know this? We are damn very sure that you don’t even have a hint about this but this is very much true that more than half of the world wears second-hand clothing. So, whenever you go shopping next time try clothing from a second-hand thrift store. This will not only help contribute to a more circular textile industry but will also help you in saving money.

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