5 Essential Summer Footwear Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe

The transition of seasons brings with it an opportunity to renew and refresh your wardrobe. Even though most aspects of your sartorial choices are essential to regard, it’s your summer footwear rotation which lays the foundation for great dressing. 

Certainly, there are a few footwear options on your wardrobe, which can cosily crossover from rain to shine. But by and large, summer footwear is a separate entity. 

To make sure that you have covered all the bases by the time it\'s summer, here’s a rundown to summer footwear styles to add to your wardrobe. You can also know why each style makes up a valuable part of your seasonal collection and some tips on ways to style them. 

White Sneakers 

A nice pair of classy sneakers serve as the mainstay in your summer wardrobe. White sneakers are versatile and simple. The best thing about them is that they are about as adaptable as footwear gets. 

The key to choosing a pair of sneakers which can sail through both formal and casual occasions is ensuring that you go minimal. Steer clear of detailing, tons of colours, and wide logos. Instead, go for styles having a sleek silhouette and an urbane look. And if you’re buying a pair of sneakers for the very first time, then get a pair of white sneakers first. 

For a timeless option, check out White sneakers by Walkaroo. This is a summer footwear style which comfortably goes well with anything from T-shirt, shorts, and dress pants. Consider them as your go-to option for off-duty days- Walkaroo’s white sneakers can work as casual, daily wear shoes or can even double as smart-casual choice too. Their timeless design will see you donning these pairs for many more seasons to come. 


Versatile, easy to wear, comfortable and light, loafers can be your best bet for summer. Loafers offer a snug, classy finish to your look. These slip-on shoes can be a mix between casual to semi-formal. They are the perfect summer footwear for dressier and smart-casual occasions, in which you don’t wish to show up donning something which leaves your feet sweaty. They will not just up your look, but certainly keeps you in the comfort zone as well, without trying too hard. 

 Being a streamlined shoe style, Loafers are especially a mainstay of smart casual outfits and a go-to choice when summer is in its full swing. They exude a calm, collected, cool and understated elegance. From tan, black and navy blue hues, they can be your best bet for the summer season. 

Walkaroo’s classy loafers are the ultimate all-rounder footwear option. For versatility, stick to black loafers by Walkaroo. For an alternative pair for rotation, having much summer feel, invest in a pair of tan loafers by Walkaroo. They\'re ideal for a formal and casual look and suit a range of palettes. Whereas, Navy blue is also a great colour that goes well with shades such as green, black, white and beige.  



The number one summer choice is Casual sandals. Sandals are the classic option for the laid-back millennials. A summer footwear which lets your feet breathe, there’s no shortage for both men’s and women’s casual sandals, from bold to bright colours, to designs with straps and buckles. 

When it comes to buying casual sandals, they should offer utmost comfort. And keep an eye out for moulded in-steps and supportive straps, to ensure that you pick a pair which is versatile. 

A pair of sandals are what you need to look put together. Don’t own casual sandals? Now is the right time to invest in a pair. 


Go premium with Walkaroo. This pair of sandals by Walkaroo is the perfect combination of comfort and style. You can either stick to brown or black sandals, which goes quite well with almost all outfits.

When it comes to styling sandals, the easiest way is with t-shirt or short-sleeve shirt. 


One of the most snug styles to don, they are in fact the best invention in the history of footwear. Lightweight and viable, flip-flops are merely the apt add-ons to your jeans, shorts or even pyjamas. Wear them indoors, or run errands, they are the best bet for Indian weather. 

Besides sandals, flip-flops are also extreme when it comes to breathability and ease and they let your feet breathe. They facilitate proper air circulation, which in turn lessens sweat and smell during summer. And that\'s what makes them the ideal choice with those combating with sweaty and stinky feet. 

Even though flip-flops are the ultimate choice for a casual day out, you can experiment with colours, without being gaudy- let it be cool and simple. They are the safest choice for summer. Experiment with styles, colours and shapes and there you have- an economical, simple alternative when summer is in its full swing. 

Chic, comfortable and easy- it\'s what you expect from summer footwear and that’s exactly what Walkaroo offers. Without even needing to ponder over it, you merely slip on to the flip-flop and you’re ready for the hottest season yet. 

Don’t just stick to a single pair, since there\'s a complete array of styles and colourways to choose from. Available in varied colourways, such as black, red, navy blue and olive green, flip flops by Walkaroo are a great bang for the buck. 



They are an affordable treat for your feet which help keep your feet relaxed, free and snug, all at once. What’s more, after a longspun and weary day in an uncomfortable and confined pair of footwear, all you would want is to freely waggle your toes and to finally allow your feet to breathe. And what can be better than putting on a pair of slippers? They give your feet added wiggle room. Their soles are very plush without blistering your toes. Slippers enhance the breathability of your inner feet, which means no sweating. These Summer favourites can keep your feet at ease all day long and still breathe enough to get rid of all the sweat. 

Slippers are the kind of footwear that completes the perfect casual look. They work well when you are wearing casual outfits with them because they add a vivacious touch to your look. They not just complements a casual look but adds to the relaxed yet casual vibe.


There’s nothing as summery and snug, like a pair of slippers by Walkaroo on a sunny day. Get yours to enjoy your weekend day out in the most comfiest ever way. 

There’s a pair for every look and every occasion at Walkaroo. Even though conventionally, a vast majority of footwear is heavier and closed, the aforementioned summer footwear is easy on your feet and light. Let your skin breathe freely and enjoy the heat without so much as feeling overwhelmed. 

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