5 Basic Rules for Beginners Competing in Fantasy Cricket

If you are new in this field of fantasy cricket then there are certain things which can change your experience while play fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket is mainly formed for all the cricket lovers of India. You just have to sign in a trustable application then make your team of 11 virtual players. In a particular match based on the performance of the players, your team will get points.

If you have a lot of experience cricket then this is the best play to showcase your skill and earn real money. Be I catch, run out, run, etc every significant action n the fieldhouse points.

If you want to win in fantasy cricket then it all depends on how you select the team of 11. If you know some of the simple basic rules then they will help you win the league. Below are 5 basic Rules for beginners competing in fantasy cricket:

5 basic rules for fantasy cricket beginners:

Player performance:

if you are a cricket lover then you may know that there are so many new and old players who are in IPL. Every player is not performing their best is not in their best performance.

When you are selecting a team of 11 it’s important to select the best to get more points. If you select all the big names then this may not give you much in return.

If you go for those players whose performance is very good and are active then this will give you more points that's you should know how to play fantasy cricket. There may be some very famous players and your favorite but this doesn’t mean you will select them. This game is all about the experience and smartness.

Pitch performance:

The entire cricket lover will agree to this point that all the pitch is different from each other. You may select more batsmen than bowlers if the pitch is flat.

This happens because the flat pitch is the favorite of the entire batsman and more runs can be earned.

There is one more example related to the pitch, such as if the pitch is dry and slow and if the game is happing in the afternoon then you must pick more spinners in your team. You can make changes until the match starts on the field. So be careful when you are selecting your team of 11 players.

Players playing on the same day: 

This is one of the important things that most people overlook. One of the bad nightmares can be when you have selected your team and one or two of them are not playing.

In this way, you will not get any point out of it. One of the best tips that you can follow to avoid those players who have been benched all over the season. Before making or creating teams make sure all the players you have selected are playing.

Investment calculation: 

It’s very important to choose the player very carefully. You may have seen there are some players with very high points but they are not performing at all. In this way, you will pay high for the players who are not giving you many points.

One of the best strategies to put your money on will be selecting young and talented players. This will help in creating balance in your team. In this way, you will get more points and better results. You can win real cash with this strategy of selecting players.

Choosing top-order batsmen:

The top-order batsman plays moreover and ball. This can even change but most of the time they give their best. It’s very important to select the top order batsmen as they are experienced and they are best at their work.

The game is not just about the experience in prediction but it about playing smartly. This way to line up the team by putting the best players in the first three positions. The probability of scoring high is usually more.
All this will help you select the best team and you can earn money from this. The game is legal in India and you have to select the best players from both teams. if you select a captain and vice-captain properly then you can earn a lot of points from this.


If you are new to fantasy cricket then above mention tips will help you getting money from this ipl fantasy league.

Fantasy cricket is all about making a prediction and how the teams perform on the field. Certain tips can help you in getting more points like catching, run-out, and stamp out.

These points can even change the point system and you can get a lot of points from which you can win the match and real money.

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