4 Useful Application of Python Programming

Python is a versatile programming language which has a variety of application in the real world. Students, learning this programming language, may need python programming assignment help as their basics are still not clear. However, an expert in Python programming can use this language to develop a variety of things. Here are 4 such things that can be built using python.

1. Create a calculator:
Let's start with a simple one. Creating a calculator using python is considered a solid gateway into a graphical user interface (GUI) programming. The developer needs to work with the “tkinter” module, which usually comes bundled with python. To get started, use the following code:
from tkinter import *
Once the set up is complete, the user can get to work on building the GUI calculator in python. If students want to do the same using C programming, they will need C programming assignment help from an expert.

2. Build a blockchain:

Blockchain technology is all the rage right now. And it can be developed using python. The developer needs to work with HTTP clients and the “requests” library. Users need to install the “Flask” web framework in order to use HTTP requests to communicate with the particular blockchain over the internet. It is important to understand that blockchain isn’t just for crypto enthusiasts. If a developed wants, he/she can use the technology in his/her field of interest.

3. Mine Twitter data:

Analytics is a huge part of a business that works with data. And Twitter is a great place where one can find patterns in user behaviour. Well, one can use python to mine data from Twitter. The developer needs to work with the "docker" environment for that. He/she further needs to know how to register an application with Twitter as that is essential to access their streaming API.
It is also crucial to use Tweepy, TextBlob, Elasicsearch and Kibana to filter which tweets the developer wants to pull, to calculate the sentiment of those tweets, to analyse their content and to visualise the results respectively.

4. Automating boring things:

Python can help programmers automate otherwise tedious tasks, such as renaming the files on the computer or updating spreadsheets. Anyone with a basic knowledge of python can do that. It is recommended to read a book titled "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python". It's practical programming for complete beginners.
The hands-on applications that can be found in the book can provide the budding developers with real-world results almost immediately. From scraping the web to creating objects and classes – the book allows the developers to make things a lot more interesting by automating them using python.
Besides, there are plenty of other interesting things to do with python. And the more skilled an individual is in python programming, the more things he/she can do with this amazing programming language. For beginners, however, these suggestions mentioned above are good options to start with.

Summary: Python programming can be used to develop a number of great things. Top companies like Google, Spotify, Instagram uses python for its simplicity. Here, one can find 4 major application of Python programming in today's date.

Author bio: Peter Clarke is a professional programmer who has been employed at a reputed company for the past 6 years. He is also associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com as an expert, providing students with Python programming help on request.

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