4 Tricks to Get Laid On The First Date- How to Hook Up With A Hot Girl

Hey, what's up it's Jesse here from seduction science, and today I've got for you four tips for how to get laid right on the first date consider this your step-by-step guide on what to do the first time you go on a date with a girl and how to get her into bed right away I mean ever find yourself with a pretty girl but you're nervous you're not sure what to do and things just kind of fizzle out and go nowhere well you don't want that to happen again but what if you could guarantee that you take that beautiful girl home that very same night and just skip all that dating nonsense even if you're not the best-looking guy even if she's way out of your league if that sounds good to you then let's crack right into it.
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Tip number one to get laid right off the first state and really impress that girl into thinking that you are the hottest stuff on the planet is when you walk into that bar or coffee shop the greeter as soon as you step inside through that front door pick out just a random dude from the crowd smile at him make eye contact with them pulling atom wave and tell them hey what's up or tell him hey good to see you again and do it to another guy hey what's up man now you're doing this in front of your date to see you do all this and of course you don't really know these people they're just random dudes at the bar of the coffee shop but it gives you a massive social proof with the girl it makes you look super popular like you just know everybody and don't worry other guys they're gonna be polite they're just gonna nod back at you and yeah sure it's kind of a gimmick you could argue but funny enough this works girls go crazy for it all right.
 tip number two to get laid or right on that first date and hook up with that hottie tamale is I have a big smile on your face walk up to her like you are a celebrity star from Hollywood like you are Tom Cruise with this huge ear-to-ear smile and then give her a hug when you greet her not a handshake not a pat on the back but a real hug like you're greedy and good and close friend the big celebrity smile Plus that hug makes a fantastic first impression on the girl shows are that you are relaxed that you're positive that you have good emotions on the inside and it will relax the girl down as well and that little move turns it into a 100% smasher that night guarantee all right here's the third tip for getting under the covers with that cute girl right off the bat and that is greeter with a small push away of breaking rapport followed by pulling her back in a classic push pull and it's real simple it goes like this you're gonna tell her after you hug her you know something is different about you what's changed you were taller before weren't you you're kind of giving her the skeptical eye as you judge her looking her up and down that's the frame that you are the buyer that you are the chooser that the girl has to impress you and that she has to sell herself to you and now now you're gonna be pulling her back in you tell her Wow come on let me see you here you take her one hand you spin or half way around as you take a look at her and you tell her you know I like your dress though it's absolutely adorable you want to make all the other girls in here jealous don't you that's a light compliment that's the pool so you have the push that's slightly breaking rapport followed by the pool like compliment and the compliment it simply establishes that this is not friend a friend you are here for a reason because you both like each other in a sexual way as man to woman and that push and pull combination is absolutely killer she's gonna go guy go over you .
tip number  fourth for getting laid on the first date with a beautiful woman is weeks before the date even takes place you want to make friends with all the staff there so say you're taking your dates to a particular coffee shop well starting weeks before your date even takes place going order coffee say hello to the servers with a big smile on your face ask them how their day is going throw the waitress a compliment hey I like your hair there compliment the waiter seem like a good dude you're good at your job man greet them by name a Natasha how's your day and leave them a big fat tip a crazy big tip even if they don't take tips become a regular customer go back a few days later do the very same establishment and do it all over again and don't forget you're gonna leave that big fat juicy tip every time you go that way when you meet your date there the staff they all know you already the staff they love you in fact they greet you by name they smile at you they treat you like a freakin King and you look like the most damn popular guy in the entire town to your girl she's gonna wonder how you just seem to know everybody and why is everybody so damn nice to you it makes you look irresistible attractive and will get her horny instantly for you so there you go my friend just do those four simple little things and you set your date off right from the very start and get that girl pitching to go home with you to do the horizontal mambo under your covers .
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