4 Things You Need To Know About Yorkie Temperament

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers to be exact are a very famous dog breed because of their rare attitude and specific look. As their name indicates, they were one of the first breeds grown back in 1800s England.

Now, owning one of these pups is becoming quite popular worldwide-no wonder since Yorkshire Terriers are cute and furry creatures unexpectedly powered by a fearless attitude. Yorkie dogs are a breed developed as ratters, mostly created for killing mice and rodents likewise probably hunting too. 

Since the primary purpose of their creation was toughness and boldness, it's no wonder being cute is not their primary trait. Dog lovers state that Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most temperamental breeds out there hence if you are considering getting a Yorkie you've come to the right place. 

Some folks may experience slight inconveniences related to their attitude, so it's better to get well informed before owning a Yorkie.

When it comes to their general temperament, it mostly contains high courage, intelligence, confidence, and energy.


Most acknowledged methods for determining dogs intelligence divide their intellect into three groups:

  • Instinct

  • Adaptation

  • Collaboration, Work, and Compliance

Instinct refers to the breeds' ability to achieve the goals it was bred for or in other words, how well does the dog follows its primal instincts. Adaptation mainly revolves around the dog's ability to manage on his own. The third skill shows how much can the breed learn from humans.

Certified testers, professors, and judges (199) evaluated specific purebred groups and came up with three levels of capacity:

1.Above average-Generally understands new command with an average of 15 to 25 repetitions and a 75 percent success rate

2.Excellent- Generally understands new commands with an average of 5 to 15 repetitions with an 85 percent success rate

3.The Smartest Group- Generally understands new commands and has an average of 5 repetitions before learning the skill with a 95 percent success rate

The Yorkshire Terrier breed group reached 27th place on the whole list of 90 breed groups putting them in the category of Above Average Working Dog group. 

However, we must state this is an isolated experiment, and the results depend on various factors, including distractions and tools used for motivational purposes (food, toys). Also, elements like the state, mood, and form of the dog can block the clear picture. 

There is a vast number of Yorkshire Terriers that will learn the command within five repetitions and hence fall into The Smartest Group.

Although Yorkshire Terriers do not rank high on this latter, it's safe to say that this breed is quite smart. Yorkies bond with the humans fast, can even be house trained, are very protective, and tend to follow instructions fast and precisely.

Suppose you're not sure how to determine and develop your Yorkies intelligence. In that case, there are various tests, quizzes, and methods online, so be sure to check them out and have fun with your snuggle buddy.


One of the first traits that you can notice when you look at a Yorkie is how small and cute he looks. 

Don't be fooled since these tiny creatures seem to be completely unaware of their size. Since they were bred and raised as courageous and brave, don't be surprised if your dog comes off aggressively to other dogs you might want to pet or introduce. 

Their sense of adventure is the reason behind the constant chase for rodents and any other similar creatures. Also, territorialism is one of their first features, making them challenging for any new friendships. So, Yorkies are simply naturally cautious, and there is no fear when it comes to showing their courage and boldness.

Tip: Try to socialize your Yorkie from a young age as much as you can to avoid that elevated aggressiveness towards both dogs and other humans.


Since Yorkshire Terriers are spunky and have an attitude from the moment they were born that overconfidence may represent a problem for you at some point, their independence may become a difficulty if you don't train them regularly.

Besides independence, Yorkie determination describes the Terrier part of their name.

Try to show your dog why it's vital for them to listen and obey your commands or that strong determination may enforce them in doing what they want.


As said before, Yorkies aesthetics are not related to their attitude and energy levels. Yorkshire Terriers, like all Terriers, are extraordinarily feisty and can run very fast ( since they were pest killers). 

Some Yorkie owners state that their high energy levels which can become irritating at some point can be withheld with attention and intensive training. This fact doesn't mean Yorkies need extreme training but tiring them out will keep their stamina under control.

Also, try introducing toys just don't forget to check the quality and the material they are made from.

 Yorkies surely need and enjoy rope toys a reason to buy a fun-looking carrot toy made out of cotton, intended for pulling chewing or only some playtime for both you and your pet.

Tips and Treats

  1. We can't stress this enough - Put an imperative on training your dog and keep in mind that Yorkies thrive on routine. Since training them at home may be a challenge for some, experiment and try different methods when it comes to exercise. Besides training, taking them for a run or a walk is a super plus activity useful for both you and your dog.

  1. Establish dominance - Yorkies are confident, bold, brave, and sometimes even aggressive. A good reason for showing them who's boss will set the records straight. Otherwise, your Yorkie will overpower you, and any control you might have will not be enough when it comes to restraining them as pets.

  1. Attention, affection, and love - Those three words mean a lot for Yorkies. If you don't give them enough love and attention, Yorkies will haul and even scream for hours, especially when hunger or loneliness is involved. Be sure to take care of your snuggle buddy and keep them safe and warm.

We hope you had a good read and enjoyed exploring this cute breed's temperament and main characteristics. Let us know what you think in the comment section and share your thoughts and experiences.

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