4 Effective Ways to Check the Spellings and Grammar for Blog Posts

Blog posts have been one of the most effective tools of content marketing in today’s date. However, a lot of companies are not able to reap the benefits of such posts only because they do not use spell checker while preparing their content. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are one of the major reasons why a significant number of companies lose their readership every month. However, a simple practice can help an organization avoid such losses.
Every content writer should revise their content for spelling and grammatical errors before he/she submits it for publication. Just like the way students often asks their parents to “grade my paper” before they submit it in the class, a content writer must also look for errors in the content before the final submission. Here are several ways to effectively do that.
Read the paragraph as you write:
A writer seldom requires revising the whole content if he/she reads every paragraph out loud every time he/she finishes writing one. Reading silently may not be as effective as reading the sentences out loud, as the latter one engages two of your senses in the task. It is easier to detect a mistake when the writer reads out the content. This is an effective way of checking the spelling and grammar of the content.
Turn on the spell and grammar check on MS Word:
MS Word is the most widely used computer program for writing a document. Among all its features, a writer can also find the option of spell and grammar check in the program. If the writer keeps the feature on, the program will automatically detect the spelling and grammatical errors made in the content almost immediately. So, it is recommended to go to the top navigation bar in MS Word, click on the “Review” segment and turn on the “Spelling and Grammar” option.
Use online proofreading tool:
While there are plenty of online proofreading tools available on the internet, Grammarly is perhaps the most reliable one. This easy-to-use tool helps students and professional content writers to conduct a quick spell and grammar check on their documents and identifies all the errors in just a few seconds. It even suggests the correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling while highlighting the particular error in the content. This has a free version available, but I would suggest you spend a few bucks and get the premium version.
Manually proofread the content:
Even if a content writer uses the MS Word spell and grammar check and runs the document through Grammarly, it is still important to manually proofread the paper at least twice. Both MS Word and Grammarly are computer programs. They often miss the small things that can affect the overall quality of the content. So, it will be better if the writer can spare a significant amount of time to go through the content at least a couple of times and check the spelling and grammatical accuracy of the content.

In conclusion,
These measures are applicable for blog writers as well as students. And all these steps are quite easy to perform. So, make the necessary changes in the writing process, and those small measures can bring positive changes for your company.
Summary: There's no room for error while preparing a blog post, as such errors can earn the company a bad name among the customers. Here are 4 useful tips that one can use to check the spelling and grammar related errors in the blog posts.

Author bio: Peter CLARKE is a content marketer who has been associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com for several years. He usually helps students with their assignments and often rectifies their errors as a human spell checker.

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