30 Outstanding Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Choosing the right topic for your architecture dissertation is a task that cannot be taken lightly as the success of your paper depends majorly on it. Good architecture dissertation topics help you explore the subject in more detail.
If you still have your thinking cap on, and are struggling to zero down on an exciting topic, take a look at the 30 most fascinating architecture dissertation topics.
The impact of technology in the architectural field
Pick any three famous architectures and extensively explore how each of them has gained success in the field.

Gothic Architecture: critically analyse the designs.
The form of architecture is more important than its functionalities –Do you agree or disagree?
What are the differences and similarities between the Eiffel Tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, and the Statue of liberty?
Explain how architecture affects a person’s psychology in your dissertation
What are the influences of culture and lifestyles on architecture?
Mention the ways the building constructions affect the surrounding environment.
State the differences in the availability of materials in the past and the current scenario and its influence on modern architecture.
Why do the people of developed countries feel that the taller a structure is, the better it is?
Do skylines influence a culture’s perspective of beauty?
Discuss the theory behind building the marvel that the Pyramids in Egypt are and why where they made the way as they were.
What is the role of religion in building the structure of the buildings of worship?
Elaborately discuss the two types of medieval architecture.
The effect of colonisation on the architecture of various cities around the globe
What is your view on the future of architecture?
What are some of the eco-friendly ways of constructing buildings?
Discuss the changes in architecture over the last decade.
What's the nature of middle-class architecture and state its place in the modern society?
Discuss the effects of mortgaging agreements on architecture.
Explain how airport designs can be improved to achieve better efficiency at terminals with relevant examples.
Discuss the influence of art on the designs of ancient churches.
Discuss how destroying the urban landscape is hampering the regions where we reside.
Explain the ethical boundaries that an architect must abide by in this line of work.
What are challenges associated with building a sky scrapper?
Impact of climate change on the existing and upcoming infrastructure
What is the role of 3D printing in the research and development sector of the construction industry?

Are high-rise buildings and unique constructions the symbol of the modern era?
What's the contemporary perception of landscape design? Example with unique ideas and solutions.
Discuss the differences in construction designs in hot climates and cold climates.
Each of these architecture dissertation topics can be used to expand it to a top-notch dissertation. Pick one and get down to research on it to present a dissertation that is unique and elaborates on a fresh perspective. All the best!

Summary: To create a masterpiece, you need a solid idea. Similarly, for a quality dissertation, you need to choose a topic that adds value to your current field of research. This article gives you a list of handpicked dissertation topics in the field of architecture to help you impress with your submission.

Author bio:  Peter Clarke is a renowned architect, hailing from Sydney, Australia. She also provides extensive academic support to students at MyAssignmenthelp.com and helps them choose the right architecture dissertation topics. Karen is an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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