AWESOME LIFE HACKS FOR EVERY DAY I\'m 99% sure that your favorite place in the house is your bedroom! Am I right? So let\'s make it the ultimate comfort zone! In this video I\'ll show you how how to make reading place with perfect temperature, how to change linens like you’ve been doing it your entire life, stylish night lights and night stands using balloons, hydrogel beads, no sew blanket, knit blanket without knitting needles as well as incredibly beautiful macramé ideas just for you! Enjoy the life hacks and sleep tight! These hacks may come in handy every day! Find out about crazy uses of syringe. I\'ll show you how to make delicious canape and Nutella banana, or you can use syringe to cut food neatly. It\'s also perfect if you need to apply glue neatly. I\'ll show you how to make awesome mini cinema so no one could bother you when you watch your favorite TV show or YouTube channel! By the way you can easily turn your phone into a stylish lamp or your phone case into a cash/card holder. I\'ll show you how to make popcorn bowl from your hoodie and keep your dishes clean without washing up. You can make awesome wall shelves with the chairs. You can put your clothes hangers there as well as boxes with your stuff! And let\'s talk about smell hacks. Dry shampoo will help you banish unpleasant smell from your shoes. Tea tree tampon can ease your unpleasant sensations if you\'ve got blocked nose. Coffee beans will spread wonderful scent if you place them nearby candles.

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