3 Ways to Prevent Passing Herpes to Your Partner

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The three ways to prevent herpes from spreading to your partner now are because you know that I am a herpes sufferer, and you are more likely to have living with herpes if you are watching, or someone which you love and care about. of the things we want to make sure of and sure we want to prevent - we pass it on to our partner.

Number one fears right we don't want to give this to somebody else either by accident or we want to try and prevent it as much as possible so here are three ways that I highly recommend you can use to prevent transmitting this to your partner okay number one is using or taking a daily antiviral what does that do so when antiviral is not a cure.

I want to make sure you know that there is currently no cure for herpes. Antiviral drugs allow the virus to stay dormant, which means it doesn't show up and doesn't go away as if I'm here, I think we're here, or it also allows you to reduce the spread of viruses if you are unfamiliar with the spread of viruses. I recommend you go to Google, but for more in-depth study, but this is definitely something that can allow the transfer. So number one taking a daily antiviral will suppress either the virus from popping up and having a full-blown outbreak and it will also suppress the shedding so it will suppress the viral shedding okay

Number two is to use a condom is a female condom or a male condom or also use a toothpick as a condom because we know that herpes is transmitted to the skin of the skin so that when you use a condom, the skin will not be affected properly, so it is not very easy. I want to know you, none of you think you use a condom, so we are all good, I do not need to advise my partner.

I'm good to go that's 100% false condom use only reduces the time transmission by 30 to 50 percent s that's something to keep in mind so with that being said using a condom correctly and consistently and every time will definitely reduce the chance that you're gonna transmit this to your partner earlier I mentioned dental dams and that's what you would be used for oral sex performing that on a female and also again. 

I really like to put out there using a condom for oral sex it's something that we don't think about a lot but it's something that's really really important to use because it can be transmitted orally and genitally so we're number one antiviral number two using a condom.

Number three this one is really important and probably the most this will affect and absolutely cannot be a very good affair if you can go with your spouse, but this may cause sex life to communicate with her and let you know why she suggests. This and why it is such a big problem to communicate with your partner is that you can say, wow, you know what I can't feel like an upcoming outbreak or you know what I just completed a bud, what do you think?

So it's really important to discuss that also let them know where do you have it is it orally is it genitally is it both where do you typically have your outbreaks it's something that can be prevented or covered with a condom it's something that's not covered with a condom really getting into the nitty-gritty and discussing it is really going to be beneficial to prevent transmitting it to your partner as well as getting intimate in a different with your partner okay so I'm huge huge huge on communication and telling your partner this regardless of worrying about transmitting or not.

Maybe your partner already has herpes maybe you both are herpes positive whatever it is I still feel it's very important to communicate you know what's going on in your body and letting your partner know what's going on both ways you both should communicate that because it will just help you grow a little bit deeper intimacy as well as know what's going on all right let me review one daily antiviral two condoms three communicate with your partner three steps alright my friend I will see you soon in the next video thanks for watching remember to go to meet people with herpes for some more information.

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